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Blue Fish
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I've had several people recommend live mosquito larvae to me as well whenI had a rescue who wouldn't eat...and if it's been that long since he's eaten, he needs something. I'd think that the benefit of getting him to eat far outweighs the risks of potential bacteria.
And I think that MDS is right, it sounds like a parasite. I hope he gets to feeling better soon...poor little guy.
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How often and how much do you change the water?
Do you use water conditioner?

I've had my fish, Bubble, for about a year and a half now and up until a month ago, he was a happy and healthy fish. For the majority of his life I've had him in a bowl... not good with sizes though XD But I've recently (today) upgraded him to a 2L (i think) tank with a heater that doesn't work at the moment :\

A month ago, he stopped eating (and he still refuses) and became inactive, lying on the bottom of his tank. He also started losing his colour and his fins started to rip.
His bowl also started becoming unclean very quickly - a day or two after cleaning.

Earlier this week I started giving him medication which is specifically to treat bacteria and repair fins, and that has made him slightly more active. He moves a little, but still stays on the floor. Sometimes he goes spaz and swims rapidly around the tank... And other times he tries to nip at his tail.

Yesterday, I noticed he was breathing rapidly, judging by the part of him that flares up. I have no idea what to do, and I'm scared it's a bad sign. I've heard about ammonia poisoning and I don't THINK it could be that... Not too sure though :\

Please help! :(
2 liters isn't very big and if you aren't doing enough water changes, he may be showing signs of ammonia poisioning.
Ammonia poisoning is one of the biggest killers of aquarium fish. It occurs most often when a tank is newly set up. However, it can also occur in an established tank when too many new fish have been added at one time, when the filter fails due to power or mechanical failure, or if bacterial colonies die off due to the use of medications or sudden change in water conditions.

The worst factor in ammonia poisoning is that elevated ammonia can't be seen. Although the effects can be seen, they are often misunderstood or missed entirely until it is too late. Regular water testing to detect elevated ammonia, and learning what symptoms to look for go a long ways towards combatting this invisible fish killer.

  • Fish gasp for breath at the water surface
  • Purple or red gills
  • Fish is lethargic
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fish lays at the bottom of the tank
  • Red streaking on the fins or body
Ammonia poisoning can happen suddenly, or over a period of days. Initially the fish may be seen gasping at the surface for air. The gills will begin to turn red or lilac in color, and may appear to be bleeding. The fish will being to lose its appetite and become increasingly lethargic. In some cases fish may be observed laying at the bottom of the tank with clamped fins.

As the damage from the ammonia poisoning continues, the tissues will be damaged as evidenced by red streaks or bloody patches that appear on the body and fins. Internal damage is occurring to the brain, organs, and central nervous system. The fish begins to hemorrhage internally and externally, and eventually dies.

You said he got a new tank today, so that means his water is all fresh, right? Try doing 2 water changes a week. One where you clean out the gravel and all the water and another one with a 50% water change.

This might not be the problem but he should be getting 2 water changes a week to keep the ammonia down.

They can go for several weeks without eating but if you can get him to eat, that is a good sign. Garlic juice can sometimes intice them to eat their food.

when you say pre-treat the water - are you adding in water conditioner or just letting the water sit out for 24 hours? If you are just letting it sit out for 24 hours, you need to be using a water conditioner as well to treat the heavy metals that are in the tap water otherwise they can poision or kill the fish

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Hey guys i was trying to read all pages. From all symptoms that he has i think it a possibilities that he can have external parasites or flukes. Both of them kind of external parasites. He is sick for long time and his immune system is very weak since he didn't eat for a month how i understood. I am not sure if he wills survive but i would recommend aquarium salt. Aquarium salt will welp if he has external parasites and it also has antibacterial affect.
But before you can use aquarium salt you need to make sure he is not bloated. Because aq salt will make bloating worse. So is he bloated?
What kind of medications did you use? Did you finish the course of it.
You wrote that you been using aquarium salt. How much and how long of it you been using? It very important in order to help the right amount and durations of the salt treatment.

When you treat with aquarium salt for external parasites or flukes you need to use 2-3tsp/gall pre mix salt. You need to pre mix and make sure it dissolved. If you able to raise the water temperature, it will speed up the parasites life cycle and will help them to fall faster. You need to do daily water changes .
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Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for all your help.
Unfortunately, Bubble passed away over night :(
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So sorry for your loss :( If you decide to rescue another betta make sure you disinfect the tank.
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So sorry I know how you feel my female Betty the Betta died.
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