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driftwood tannins? Ph?

I got my new driftwood in a couple of weeks ago, monopi wood from zoo med, ive been soaking them to get some of the tannins out so it didnt darken things too much and ive also sanded them down so there are no sharp points. Asside from lowering my Ph are there other benifits to driftwood or the tannins?

Also if driftwood lowers Ph, will it be a drastic drop or slow and steady? How would I introduce driftwood to my tank safely for my bettas?
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When you are satisfied with the tint of the water just plop it in. It doesn't change the ph that much if at all. The benefits, in my opinion, are the beautiful natural element it adds plus it looks great with anubias or mosses growing on it. I have 4 tanks with mopani in them. Water changes will lighten up the water if you think it's too dark.
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I don't think my mopani tinted the water too much, so when you're pleased with it, add it to the tank; it's been really gorgeous with some anubias growing on it like registereduser said.
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