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cloudy water

Hi, I have had Betta's in the past and love them. I recently bought a new one. Gave him a BIG TALL glass vase to live in. I do not have a pump. Is there a trick to keeping the water clear? I clean it in the morning, treat the water and by the evening it is getting cloudy already.
Please help. Thanks, Kathleen
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The problem with tanks less than about 2.5 gallons is that there's not much room for a filter so you have to do frequent water changes - this results in the tank not having time to cycle (build up beneficial bacteria that 'eat' fish waste). So, you have bacteria blooms which cloud up the water and also the danger of an ammonia build up which could kill the fish. Also frequent water changes can cause the fish to go into shock and get sick or die.

I would read the Betta Care and FAQ post at the top of this forum. If you get a larger tank with a heater and filter your betta will be happier and healthier and you won't have to fool with the water as much. I tell people who keep bettas in unheated and unfiltered bowls (which is what pet stores tell you to do) that it would be like if you lived in a small cold closet with no toilet - you could survive for awhile but chances are you'd be sick and uncomfortable. Bettas, like any other fish, need the proper temperatures (78 - 80 degrees), a filter, and one gallon of water per inch of fish. The only reason that they live for a few months to a year in vases or bowls is because they are tough - but if they are properly cared for they can live for years (bettas have been known to live 7 years).

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your new fish!
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