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Question Plant filtered aquarium?

Is it possible to make a 4 or 5 gallon 100% plant filtered aquarium? Bettas seem to hate filters, which damages their beautiful fins, even if its baffled. Is it possible to put plants that will filter all the ammonia produced by a single betta? Obviously it would be heavily planted and lighted, and the water would be changed about 30-40% once a week.

Im seriously thinking about removing this idea from paper.

Thanks, Fieldz.
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Hey Fieldz. You may want to look at the bottle baffle for your hob to cut the waterfall effect (thats what I do and it works great and costs nothing) or look at the small bio sponge filters. you can regulate the flow to exactly what you want it to be and I am impressed with the job they are doing. Add them to the live plants and you should be ok as long as you do regular water changes.
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As far as I know, it's very possible, and several members here do it! They're called natural planted tanks. Check out the Planted Betta Tank section of the forum - there's a sticky there on how to build one
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Plants are my main filters for all of my tanks-big and small......I do have filters on my 20+ gallon tanks-but they are more for water movement-the plants are the true filter. I don't use any added filtration on my 1-10gal tanks.

As long as you have enough of the right species of plants in active growth they will function as the filter/bio-filter. Even with inert substrate, however, with inert substrate you still need to make weekly water changes and use ferts for the plants. With nutrient rich soil based tanks-once the soil is mature and alive-you can limit water changes and generally do not need any added ferts.
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I use regular filters and I have many plants in the 2 filters 3 species I would say with more water changes you can get away with no filter plants like pothos really use nutrients but is should be put in the lid roots in the water and leaves in air.
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