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Candy striped pleco?

O was wondering if anyone has any experience with candy striped plecos and betta fish?
I have a 22 gal. Cube npt still in progress. I wouldn't be getting one, if I were, anytime soon though. I need more plants and such.
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The Candy striped pleco is a peaceful fish but territorial clashes can occur in an aquarium with too many bottom dwellers. The easiest way of avoiding aggression is to combine the Candy striped pleco with species that will spend most of their time in mid-water or close to surface. If you want to keep many bottom dwellers it becomes important to break up the bottom area into several territories with the help of aquarium decorations, e.g stone piles and roots.

Compatibility: In most cases a peaceful and unproblematic fish that can be kept with a wide variety of fish. During the daytime this fish usually stays out of sight in one of its hiding places, but once dusk sets in it will become active and starts foraging for food. Once acclimatized however, they often emerge out of their shell, and become active and very enjoyable little catfish.

Peckoltia's can be kept solitary as well as with its own kind. If a small group of these fish are kept together, it's very important to assure that all fish have enough room to set up little territories of their own, and that enough hiding places (plants, rocks, wood) are present. If not, this otherwise timid and peaceful fish can become stressed and develop a nasty, aggressive character towards its own kind as well as other bottom dwellers.

Sexing and Breeding:
Mature males have long odontodes on the body, pectoral fin ray and behind the gill covers

Like all members of the genus Peckoltia, this fish is an omnivore, meaning it feeds on both meaty foods and plantmatter.
As far as the meaty foods go, once acclimatized this fish readily accepts foods like meaty pellets, insect larvae (blood worms, mosquito larvae), tubifex, krill and fresh shrimp. The herbivore part of this fish likes food items such as algae wafers, algae, fresh and (preboiled) vegetables.
Other than that, this fish often feeds on the organic matter that forms on submerged surfaces (plants, rocks, wood, aquarium walls) by rasping it off with its suckermouth. It will also take food remains left behind by tank mates, as well as soft wood.
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Thank you C:

I was reading the aquaticcommunity forum yesterday which is where I got the idea of the candy pleco :3
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