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Part of the collection (pic heavy)

None of these are supposed to be good flare shots just trying to get my fish doing what they do all day :)

First the yellow salamander babies 4 survivors after my big move shocked them all I am glad some made it :) Looks like they are all girls. Name:  IMG_2469.JPG
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Size:  67.6 KB
Little flare shot this one has the worst form so far but is the fiesty-est
Name:  IMG_2582.JPG
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This one (3 weeks later) after they were put back together again (had a huge velvet scare with all the fish)
Name:  IMG_2563.JPG
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Mr. Dragon feeling better got him on a kanaplex regiment hopefully get his fin rot in check. I know he is feeling better sense he was flaring at his neighbors earlier.
Name:  IMG_2571.JPG
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Physco had his fins ripped off by a female during a breeding attempt, they are growing back fast thankfully. Last time it was him who mortally wounded a female so I tried a fiesty female then this happens. He still tries to flare lol I swear the other boys laugh at him becuase he always tries to hide afterward poor man.
Name:  IMG_2562.JPG
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Name:  IMG_2561.JPG
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Three multi babies left after the move and then the heat in the house shut off and killed half of them.... Physco and steel females babies they are starting to grow again yay!
Shinny, Stripy and the other one lol (he doesn't have a name yet)
Name:  IMG_2587.JPG
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Cross-eyes still depressed after a failed breeding attempt ... not sure what is wrong he just acts.. depressed
Name:  IMG_2593.JPG
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Name:  IMG_2598.JPG
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Awkward the little HM who wasnt :) He turned into a hmpk and I love him he blows the biggest bubblenests and has no idea what to do with females.
Name:  IMG_2600.JPG
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Anger Management NOT flaring for once lol
Name:  IMG_2602.jpg
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Name:  IMG_2606.JPG
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Micheal (Jack 1) being sad cause mommy never wipes the algae off the inside of the jar
Name:  IMG_2607.JPG
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Magnet has the funniest personality he will flare then run up to the "intruder" and circle them slowly.
Name:  IMG_2572.JPG
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New boy Jack (2) or Pumpkin I am in love with him <3
Name:  IMG_2576.JPG
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Derp also a new boy who ate his tail in transit >.>
Name:  IMG_2573.JPG
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Name:  IMG_2612.JPG
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Name:  IMG_2618.jpg
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Some females from timberland the chocolate was pulled cause she is being conditioned and is to fat >.>
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ohhh so cute!! Jealous :D

Your babies are too gorgeous!
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You are a cool betta parent! They must be very happy =].
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Aw thank you yeah I love them all
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