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Originally Posted by Perseusmom View Post
Fred is very pretty. You could try to teach him to swim into a cup instead of using the net, drop a pellet into the cup and hold it right in front of him and see if he will swim into the cup to get it.
If that doesn't work, you can try giving him a treat after you've scooped him into his cup, like 1 or 2 bloodworms, that way he associates being in his cup with yummy food. There's another person on here who does that, and now as soon as she puts the cup into the water, her fish swims right in.
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Reference Team
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Looks like a pretty butterfly delta-tail (DeT). Those little curlies on his fins are part of his personality, his "look". I think it's charming. He's still young. I think his fins will turn solid orange.

Perseusmom and Sainthogan gave good advice for removing him from his tank. It's a trick you'll learn how to do. When you get a larger tank, you won't have to do that.

He needs at least a 50% and a 100% water change each week. See OldFishLdy's water change thread:

Sometimes Petco has a dollar-a-gallon sale. That's the best time to get a 10g tank. Then you can keep two Betta.

Welcome to the forum, Butterfly.
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Thanks :)

I will definitely get some blood worms or daphnia to coax him into the net.
Hallyx- that's funny because I bought him labelled as a halfmoon haha. But I've heard of many mis-labeled bettas from petco, so I'm not too surprised if he's not actually a halfmoon.

I change his water every week.

Does anyone know what the silvery film on the top is? There were little spots of it on the top the last time I changed the water.
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Reference Team
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He may well be a half-moon. I shouldn't try to say without seeing a picture of him fully flared.

Having a bubble filter, called a "sponge filter"will not only help keep his water clean, but will help you cycle his tank when it comes time to do that. No rush; wait for the bigger tank.

The silvery (oily?) film on the surface is a protein film which sometimes grows when the surface is very still. Over-feeding and/or under-cleaning makes it worse. A sponge filter or an airstone will usually disturb the surface enough to make that go away.
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