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Originally Posted by GoldenLeaf View Post

*I am assuming that any "Tropical" pellets/flakes are ok for Bettas. Is this true? I only ask in case there is something specifically in Betta pellets/flakes that Bettas need. I am wary about trying new food since I have spent so much money already of stuff my little guy doesn't eat, but I do need to find him something good.

It depends on what the first 3 ingredients are. If they're all meat and fish, the food is high quality and contains enough protein for a betta. If not, and especially if there's wheat or gluten in the first 3 ingredients, then it has fillers and isn't ideal (but your betta will be ok for a few weeks if you need time to save up).

As mentioned above, New Life Spectrum (sold at Petco) is considered the highest quality betta food readily available. Omega One Betta Buffet is also high quality.

Many tropical fish are not exclusively carnivores like bettas are, so "tropical fish food" may not necessarily be the best fit.
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Originally Posted by babystarz View Post
Bloodworms simply don't have the protein level necessary to maintain a carnivorous fish. They do have lots of fat, which is good in moderation, but it would be like a human eating Pop Tarts all day every day. Technically you could survive on them, but they don't offer many nutrients and you'd eventually start to get sick.

If your betta absolutely refuses all pellets, the flakes are OK, and you can always supplement with other live/frozen foods like brine shrimp, daphnia, mosquito larvae, and black worms.
Mmm poptarts...

Yeah they need vitamins and such. IMO NLS is the best for a staple. You can let him hold out for up to 3 weeks with no ill effects. If you give it a while I'm sure he will accept them eventually. NLS also has garlic and krill, which are both powerful appetite stimulants for fish.
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