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Old 11-18-2012, 11:10 AM   #1 
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Question Junior just sitting in a plant?

So I just put Junior in a new 10 gallon tank. The water is great quality, warm enough, etc. He went from a 2 gallon with fake silk plants to this real tank with substrate and REAL plants.

At first when I put him in there he was really excited and swam all over, discovering his new home. I have this "bushy" like plant that he seems to be obsessed with now. He is just swimming by that and now he is like sitting in it not moving.

Does this mean there is something wrong or do you think its b/c he loves the plant so much since its his first real plant? Or maybe he's just tired?
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Mine did exactly the same thing when I gave him a sword plant. He'd already been in his territory for a time, and almost immediately after I put that plant in there, he decided it was his La-Z-Fish chair.
He'd just sit right in the middle of all the leaf stems, and at first I'd freak out cause I couldn't see him, then I though he was sick, but eventually I decided he just liked chilling there
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Did you test the water? If so, results?

Did the tank size increase? Did you acclimate him? How?
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I scooped him with a large measuring cup from his other tank (never netted him) and set it in the new tank for about 10 minutes (the tanks I made sure were the same temperature, I put a thermometer on the new one)

Test Results:

Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0
PH about 7.4
Temp = 82 degrees.

He went from 2 gallon to 10 gallon

The 2 gallon was ALWAYS at at least .5 ammonia no matter WHAT I did. I hope this tank doesn't get like that.

****As I was testing the water with the pipette and the tubes (I do the actual drops and stuff) he came to me and got really excited. That's a good sign bc thats what he always does when i test the water lol.
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Well he's swimming around now and I played with him and he's acting fine. He must've just wanted to enjoy the new plants.

I take the pipette and squirt bubbles at the top of the surface and he always comes up there and watches the bubbles and tries popping them lol. I also squirt him with water and he actually likes it. lol
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