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i got a o.5 gallon tank what size shoud i get them

i got i 0.5 gallon tank for the beta fish they dont seem to happy what size
tank for my 2 beta fish
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Everyone here seems to say at least a 2.5 gallon, but if it were me I would go with a 5.5. They are still small enough, but you can put a filter in and not worry about your betta getting pushed around in the current as they can move away from it. It's easier to find heaters for them too. Good luck.
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a 0.5 gallon tank is way to small for even one betta fish. you said there are two bettas; do you have one divided tank or two 0.5 gallons? you do need to get at least 2.5 gallons of swimming space for each betta. this could be two tanks or one divided 5gallon. they would also absolutly NEED a Heater.
you should take a look at the betta care sticky at the top of the bettafish forum.
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If you have the fish together you need to seperate them IMMEDIATELY or you will have a dead fish on your hands. Even if that's just putting one in the little cup he came in while you go to the store to buy bigger tanks. 2 male bettas will fight to the death, and if you have one male and one female in such a small space they will attack each other as well.

Read the betta care and faq at the top of the forum and set your tank up that way.
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