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Old 11-25-2012, 02:42 PM   #1 
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Is my betta's fin growth normal?

My betta Comet recently lost over half of his beautiful HM tail to fin rot. It's been growing back nicely, but now the regrowth growing black instead of his normal turquoise. The regrowth has turquoise rays, but the actual webbing looks black like he still has fin rot. If you shine a light through it though, the black parts are kind of clear and the edges are light so I don't think it's fin rot. Is it normal for a betta's tail to grow back much darker and is there a chance it will lighten back up?

Also, my betta's dorsal fin is spiked kind of like he is a CT. I'm not sure if it was always this way or if the fin rot made it like this since Comet got fin rot soon after I bought him. The dorsal fin is not growing back and it continues to stay spiked. Some of the bottom spikes are looking black, but they've been that way for a while and I don't think they are getting shorter either. Is this a sign that he still has fin rot or is it possible that his dorsal fin is naturally this way?
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Sena Hansler
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Some of my fin rot babies get iridescent growth, sometimes looking black or blue in certain lights. As long as the fish is healthy and you keep up with proper water changes, while maintaining a stress free environment, there should be no problems :)
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Old 11-25-2012, 11:27 PM   #3 
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My girl's fins looked like that when hers starting growing after her jump out of her tank and spending at least a half hour on the ground before I found her. She had clear edges where it was growing, then it turned into a completely black edging around it, almost like she had a black border around her red coloring, but after it completely grew back, it became the pale red edging I was used to seeing while the rest is a darker red. So it's very possible, his will become turquoise again. My girl's tail and fins took almost 2 months to completely grow back and regain their original color - so be patient. (My avatar picture was taken about 4 days after her jump - the pictures in my album were taken a few weeks ago, I haven't taken any new pictures of her fully healed yet. Her album is labeled Fishy and the other one is almost healed - Fizz is my new boy that arrived a week ago)
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Sainthogan, your girl's tail sounds a lot like Comet's right now. It's good to know that his tail is actually healing normally since I was starting to worry about him. I'm glad your girl was able to recover after jumping out of her cage! BTW your new betta is really pretty.
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darker regrowth, fin rot, fin shape, tail regrowth

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