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New Betta Owner, A Few Questions

Hi everyone! I brought my first Betta, Raz, a Veil Tail, home on Sunday after doing some research on them, but I still have some questions.

First, let me explain my tank setup. It’s a Hawkeye 360 view 3 gallon cylinder tank with an under gravel filter/air pump combo. I have a heater (an Aqueon 10W Mini heater; it’s the preset kind, I’ll be buying a new one that I can set the temp myself sometime in the next week). The temp stays between 78 and 82 degrees, depending on the temp in my house. It has an LED light and I also put 3 large silk plants (because the plastic plants can tear their fins; I’ll be getting a little cave for him also within the next week). The gravel is just regular beige/tan/brown gravel stones.

For food, I’m feeding him Aqueon Betta Pellets, 2-3 pellets once a day, with Freeze Dried Bloodworms as a snack once a week. I plan on switching his pellets to Omega One Betta Buffet (or something that’s a little richer in protein) when I go get the new heater though because I’ve read the food I currently have may be too high in fiber/filler and not enough protein (I know, I sound a little over protective but I just want the best for my new little buddy lol).

Ok, onto my questions:

1) What kind of water testing kit and water treating supplies do you all recommend? The day before I got Raz, I set up his tank and used the sample water conditioner that came with the aquarium, but I’d like to get a water treatment kit that’s specifically for Bettas.

2) I’ve noticed horizontal black stripes Raz and I read they could be stress lines. However, he’s a deep, royal blue color and you have to look VERY closely to see the lines. My husband, after looking at a Google Image of a Betta with stress lines, doesn’t think what Raz has are stress lines, just his natural coloring or whatnot. I tried taking a few pictures to post for you all to see, but every single one he came out looking like a shadow. If you know of any way I could take a picture of him where you can actually see him, please let me know.

3) If they are stress lines, when should I start worrying about them if they don’t go away? 1 week? 2 weeks? A few days? And if they are stress lines, could it be the air pump causing them? If there’s even a chance it is, I’ll get him a new, air pumpless tank as soon as I can. I want Raz to feel comfortable and safe in his home.

4) I haven’t seen him flare, not once. Is this a good thing or a bad thing or something to be worried about or completely normal? He didn’t flare when I put a mirror up to him, he just swam back and forth looking at his reflection for a few seconds, then lost interest and swam away. My cat, Harley, was sitting in my computer chair looking at him, and he didn’t flare once at Harley. He doesn’t flare at my husband when he goes to look at him, and he didn’t even flare at my mother in law when she was being a little rough with his cup the day we got him and stopped at her house real quick to show her Raz (as soon as I noticed her being rough with his cup I took it away). Is his personality just mellow or something?

As far as his behavior goes, he seems really happy. I have his tank on my computer desk and every time I go up to the tank, he swims over and greets me. He’s eating just fine (he’ll swim to the top of the tank at first when I go near him, the little piggy!), and he’s just normally swimming around his tank, swimming in between the plant leaves, going up for air and just being normal. He even swims to me if I rub my finger in a little spot on the tank. He was the only Betta in the cups at Petco that seemed “excited” when I went near him, like he wanted me to take him home, so that’s why I got him. I think he picked me more than I picked him :)

Thank you for reading my post and for any help or advice you can offer me. This is a wonderful forum and I plan on sticking around so I can learn more about Betta Fish.

Edit: I added as profile picture but it's not showing up. How come? How can I get it to show under my username?

Edit 2: Nevermind, I figured it out! lol I haven't used a forum in a long time.

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Hi there sounds like you got everything covered. As for the water testing kit the one most use it the API Freshwater testing kit, its a good one I use it too. For a heater the Elite adjustable ones are great and for your size a 25 watt one, I got mine from Amazon they have the best prices. He sounds very mellow as to why he isnt doing any flaring, some are just more mellow than others. Raz sounds awesome best of luck to you and him he has a very nice new home !

Not to sure about the stress lines but they could be just his normal colors, he doesnt sound stressed since he is eating and swimming around.

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Thanks for your reply!

Yea, I'm really confused about if they're stress lines or not because his color is so dark. His body and fins are a deep, rich blue color and his head is almost black. The top of his head, you can see where the black ends and dark blue begins, and his fins are dark blue with the tips having dark pink color in them. So, since he does have black in his coloring, I'm just not sure if the black stripes are stress or just naturally occurring.

I did just feed him though and he ate the pellets as soon as I dropped them in. He's still acting normal so I guess it's nothing to worry about?

I'll definitely get the testing kit you recommend. As for the heater, my current one is 10W and I had to unplug it for a little while last night because the temp was starting to push 83 degrees. Is 25W too high for my 3 gallon?
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Ok, he looked fine like 20 minutes ago and now I'm looking at him and one of his fins looks like the tips are shredding!? It literally did NOT look like that 20 minutes ago and I haven't seen him nipping at his fins. The water in his tank is only 3 days old. What could THAT be?
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