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Haha, I got Hoppy (on plantedtank) to help me find out how many LEDs I need for when I build and everything. Also is it the 40 breeder? If so you are lucky because that is one of the best tanks for aquascapes because of the serious depth you can create. The tank I will be using is 24x18x18, great dimensions as well.

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It's a Jebo R375 29X16X22. There is a fish store across the street from me and he gave me a deal on it. New for $150 with stand, overhead filter, 2 T5 power compact bulbs, substrate, and all the Cardinal Tetras I wanted. I had taken some Ich covered Neons he got in and saved all but 10 of them. He didn't want them in his filter system till they were healthy and lacked space for a treatment tank set up in his shop. So I kept them a month in a tank he lent me.

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