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Tail biting

Hello, I've been caring for betta for about a year, and a few weeks ago came across a bit of *fin rot*, so I did a salt treatment
But I noticed that the tail kept on getting tears in it and was confused.
Then I thought, well it must be tail biting.
The betta who is tail biting is in a 1 gallon tank because #1 I have no place else to put him and #2 I was treating him for fin rot
I change his water every 2-3 days and the water ph is about 7. The tank is also heated.
The wounds are sometimes holes, though I've noticed some bites and tears. There is nothing else in the tank with him, though after I noticed the tears, I put an anubias in the tank with him, so that isn't whats causing the tears.

I was wondering why he was tail biting.. is it because he is stressed?
What can I do to stop his tail biting?
I am rehoming him very soon, and don't want his new owner to have to deal with any bacterial infection because of his wounded tail :(
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Tail biting (from what I understand) can be caused by stress, boredom, depression, etc. I would start with adding 1/2 tsp aquarium salt to the tank since it's a single gallon, as well as stress coat in case this is indeed caused by stress.

In case it's because of boredom due to the single gallon tank, try rearranging plants, caves, rocks, filters, etc. to make it feel like a new environment for your betta to explore.

Also, add a fungus preventative to keep fin rot from setting in and increase the tank temp to around 80 degrees while he heals.

I have a tail biter, and I did what I recommneded above and within a couple of days, I could already see new tail growth.

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