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Old 12-05-2012, 05:06 PM   #11 
horsyqueen's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: England
On the 'can't feel pain' matter all animals feel pain, they have a nerve system, if not they wouldn't find things painful at all and the fish could easily hurt itself.
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betta fan21
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also, you know how people saw bettas should be in small bowls because they 'freak out' in anything more than a couple of gallons? perhaps that is an excited fish, not a scared on?
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DragonFyre14's Avatar
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I think just about all animals are governed by instinct, but do follow habits as well. I've found Bettas can be creatures of habit almost as much as dogs or cats.

I think most fish will kind of 'freak out' when moved from a small place in which they had grown comfortable, into a much bigger place. Some Betta's do enjoy smaller tanks others do not.

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Perfect proof
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LeoTheLakerBetta's Avatar
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Bettas aren't the smartest things in the world but for fish they are relatively intelligent. They do tricks for food sure but I think motivation is a sign of smarts. But don't worry my dad is sort of the same. He doesn't verbally express this that much but he is mostly indifferent to bettas in cups. Ah well, I guess that is why I am taking care of the fish. Lol

Also, I think bettas definitely feel pain although probably not in the same way. Whenever one of my sorority girls get a nip from some meanie ol' alpha, they respond very quickly and move away. This demonstrates the concept of pain because althouh the fish don't wince or grimace, they obviously feel it and move away to prevent another attack. That is all pain is really for.

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I think that bettas, cichlids, and goldfish are all intelligent little guys. :) Shoals of tetras, not so much. hehehe
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