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social media and risks of privacy invasion.

for the record i had a myspace account but it was 99% inactive, its been many years since i even bother to think back to it. i also had a facebook account for 2 months and then deleted it.

im that 1% of people who dont like any form of social networking. i was deeply concerned as i was logging into my youtube acct just now and they asked if i wanted to post my full name instead of the usual username. i obviously didnt do so and i stand by that descision. it looks like now every site is striving to encourage people to post private info. it did get me thinking even more on how every one wants post real and true personal data online for anyone to see, hackers included when they decide they want to "have a little fun."

i dont see any useable form for such social media networks aside from MSN messenger (obsolete for the most part now). im one of those people who dont fully trust the internet as there are so many ways to post your personal information for people for both sides of the law to exploit. i can see uses such as in natural disasters but i consider the rest to be a liability.

there are now people out there lurking on social media looking for personal info to exploit or even to commit crimes when one correctly posts they're on vacation.

lol sorry for the long intro but it does prove a point that social media is a 2 edged sword that can easily be used by anyone. does anyone here have any such qualms about posting private info on the internet? i know there are measures built into social network sites to prevent that but they're not perfect. im refering more to facebook, twitter and the like but it can also refer to forum sites.

there was also a study that mentioned that employers regard anyone with a social network acct as a plus and those without are less trusting as they are more protective of potential info they might post online. just because one doesnt own a acct it doesnt mean they are less trustworthy than one with a acct . some accts have hurt peoples' job opprtunities as some employers search for content posted there.

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I don't hate Facebook but I do sort of disapprove of it. People spend way too much time on FB and Instagram and stuff but it's not too much of my business so I could care less. I don't have a Facebook, because of my parents. I used to disagree with them but now I agree completely and some of my friends are pushing me into it (at least trying) but I just ignore it or chuckle.

Anyways, the thing with employers using FB, you are right, they sometimes have certain angles/opinions on stuff like that. But it is sometimes useful for employers because they can check your profile and use that to determine what kind of person you are. That might seem kind of bad but it helps them determine if you are a slacker or something like that. I know this not from experience but my dad used to hire people in his old job (which he quit lawl) and he has told me all of this stuff about FB.
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Montreal
i dont deny FB can be a decent judge of character though it all depends on what the poster puts up on there. in the short time i had an fb acct, i wasted a few hours on pointless quizzes tough its was only 2 types but enough time was spent there.

i do have to admit my main dissagreement aside from personal info posted on FB is the constant updates. people keep posting new information every hour or less and some of this info is trivial childish stuff ie funny vids. FB is good to pass along news bulletins and such but i dont have much interest in learning what happens every moment during a given day for individuals. its like being a fly on the wall following each and every move. that perspective of following someone imo is a bit disconcerting
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