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How fast are Bettas?

I have a 10g tank that I'm planning on setting up as a sorority. However, I have a 90g tank with my turtles and plecos. After seeing so many beautiful pictures I would like to start a much bigger sorority in the 90g with the turts and use the 10 g to separate 2 males.

If betas are fast then my turts will give up after about an hour and never bother them again. They are still hatchlings themselves. The feeder fish I put in there 3 months ago are still swimming around and the turtles just wait around for their pellets.

I know the beta tails are super fragile, so I'm just curious as to how fast they are. I don't own any yet, as I stated I am planning a small sorority.
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I wouldn't do it for this reason, I feed my CAE's & snail food that sinks which includes veggies, my females munch on these foods as well & DO NOT MOVE out of the way easily. So IME I think they would be easy targets for a turtle.
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As understandably tempting as it can be to start a larger Sorority and get more girls(there are so many beautiful color combinations!), this really isn't a very good idea at all. Your girls will end up being nothing but expensive colorful feeders for your turtles.
Best to stick with just the girls OR a divided tank in the 10 and maybe hunt around thrift stores or Craigslist for another cheap used tank for either a Sorority or Divided tank, whichever you decide not to do in the 10 you have. ;)
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Thanks for the super fast responses. I was afraid it would only be a pipe dream. Guess I'll start small, and buy more, and more, and more... :)

I plan on getting a couple more tanks for around the house so, fun times ahead
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