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Old 12-19-2012, 08:06 PM   #15971 
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Originally Posted by BettaHeart View Post
You have every right to feel the way you did, theres nothing wrong with that.
Yeah, I guess. Thank you for your help - how many spawns have you managed to do? :)
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Originally Posted by bethyMT View Post
Blah. My kids and I just got back from dinner...we went to a chinese restaurant since DH is at a hockey game tonight, and I didn't want to cook and then have to clean up.

My 2 year old was SO MISBEHAVED that I was embarrassed. Totally wasn't listening to me, getting food all over the place, going under the table. It was crazy. I was getting so frustrated we had to finish up fast and leave.

This is completely typical behavior for a girl her age, but OMG. Sometimes it's just so hard to wrangle a 2 year old and an almost five year old (both girls) all day long and then all evening. Sometimes I just want to lock myself in the bathroom for a while. Let them sort things out while I have a moment of peace...or at least a moment when nobody's hanging on me.

Ok. Rant done, back in the saddle...(mommy mommy momma mommy....somebody's calling me)
*sigh* yup that's kids! My niece is 6 and she is a handful to watch. I don't fault her just my age. At the end of a day watching her I crash but she is a trifecta of evil, cute intelligent and a people person and knows it. And I'm a sucker that falls for it every time....and she knows that too! *thumps head into desk*
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Ugh, my dad has to be the BIGGEST pain ever!!! He called and asked if I wanted to go out for dinner for my birthday. He said Weds the 21st. So I said "So we're going out for dinner on Friday?". And he responds with "No, Weds is best". Okay, here I am at the restaurant. I send him a text saying I'm at the restaurant. I got there 20 mins early so I ordered an appetizer while I waited on him. Soon, I get a phone call and he's basically laughing, "Oh I'm sorry, I got the dates wrong. I'm here watching a basketball game, I meant to say Friday." I'm sitting here thinking, "WHAT?!!! You're laughing at this?? And you're going to continue to stay at the basketball game instead of leaving and meeting me here like YOU said you would!!!" I think I'm more annoyed at the fact that he was laughing at the issue.

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I can't take it anymore I need to vent some where. The first sign of trouble was when our new site supervisor came in and helped himself to whatever. First it was my co-workers Halloween candy, then my coffee filters, and my coffee. Its so bad it's to the point I have to hide my tin foil and coffee filters in another coworkers cabinet. His general excuse "Oh I didn't know"

RIGHT he faced a very tired female grave yard security guard who hadn't had any coffee at the wrong time of month, there ISN'T any I didn't know.

Well now it is Christmas season and guess what has been going missing. Five choco home made moose on a stick one for each guard; gone. Pound of Sees Candy; gone. Seacliff reality called asking how many guards there are and oddly nothing showed up from them. Oddly we haven't been getting much of anything.

What do the feild supervisors above him say "Oh play nice we don't want to hear it."

Guess what he got let go of from his last supervisor post for?

I can do without the sees candy, I gone through about 9 pounds of it last year, but the general idea is to wait for others to get their fair share or decline before you gobble up and/or take everything.

H/R dept. won't do anything unless we get "solid evidence" but how rude of it is to ask every resident here if they gave us anything. Trust me when I say it's absolutely weird how we only got 2 things this christmas, and fatty ate both. One was received on another guards shift, and the Sees he accepted in front of another guard.

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I won't get too see my fish for a week. And the fate of my twenty gallon is in the hands of a machine.
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Originally Posted by thekinetic View Post
My rant affects all in the US, they're trying to ban AR15s and high capacity magazines. I am POd at this and I'm going to buy one so that there will be one more person with one that gun grabbing little dumb ****s didn't stop! I support the 2nd amendment as all patriots should or shut their mouth!>:(

And I am already going to get my CCL even though I will be open carrying my guns and thanks to those people and I will be carrying two or three of them just to rub their noses in it!
This has been bugging me for a while now....

Why exactly does "right to bare arms" translate into "right to bare any arms I can buy"? I do not think taking away the 2nd amendment will solve anything since I see this as a failure of the mental health services in the US and not the gun control laws. But I also don't think it's a good idea to have army level weapons available to the public.

What's so wrong about limiting the type of gun people can own? You still get guns...just not the guns that are designed to take out a large number of people in one shot. Are there hunting uses for those guns I don't realize? I just don't get it.
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Army weapons are not allowed to the general public, he either got military grade weapons through someone who sells them illegally or was part of the military himself and stole/kept his weapon.

The only weapons a civilian is allowed access to are handguns, shotguns and low caliber rifles. You still need to wait however many days to register to purchase most guns and require at least a background check. Unfortunately mental health is no so apparent in a background check.
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Old 12-20-2012, 11:57 AM   #15978 
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I am pretty sure the right to bare arms means militia.
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Right to bare arms.... I thought that was a dress code thing allowing short sleeves. :)
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Good one.
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