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Pretty Fish!
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Wow, gorgeous fish :D ! Where did you get him, he looks so healthy. All the bettas at the stores near me look near death :( .
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We got him at Petco. He's in a 5 gallon hex with two Otos. We checked all the local stores (Petsmart, a local chain called Pets Plus and the independent LFS) to see how their bettas were.

The LFS didn't have many and those they did didn't look that great. The Petsmart ones were all in blue water and didn't look that great either. Pets Plus had them in open cups (which seemed dangerous) but they looked decent; not as good as the petco ones though. They transferred him into a bag for us to make tank acclimation much easier.

He's still doing great, and is doing fine with the Otos. Saturday is first water change time for him and hopefully he'll scoot and not get in the way. It's hard enough with the Otos sticking onto the side of the vacuum.
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Originally Posted by jake5554
you can get sucker fish
Gotta be more specific...most people think pleco when they think sucker fish and usually it's the common ones being sold, not the dwarf types...they get huge and poop a lot. Chinese algae eaters are on the "no-no list" too.

As for having tankmates we don't usually recommend anything but a snail or possibly shrimp in a 5 gallon, 10 gallons in the minimum for having tankmates so everyone thinks they have enough room...wait, the betta still tries to take over!!! :)
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