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Yeah, it really sucks, right? I'm thankful I don't own a torch right now - I would be doing the same thing!! and YAY! Looks like I'm in the OKAY to breed, once he decides to excrete his friend the Neon Tetra! -_- (and once I get my Daphnia up and running - the microworms are going like crazy! :D)

Also, I would like to apologise for the other day when I thought the people on my other thread was being rude. I worded it wrong. I thought one of the comments was rather rude, but all in all the help was really great. Thank you.

I like to think I know enough about fish - but in all honesty - you learn something new each day!
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No worries. A responsible pet owner should always be concerned when they feel something isn't right. It's what separates you from all the dingbat out there that just don't care.

Good luck with your breeding. Sometimes it can feel like when multiple people are saying the same thing that you are being picked on. However, each of these people usually have their own personal experiences to draw on and their own spin on things so it can be useful to hear from all sides.

It's always great to add new tools to your toolbox, even if you don't agree with everything a particular poster might have said.

I have only been in this hobby three or so years now and there is just so much to learn. I cringe when I think of some of the mistakes I made in the past, but without having made those mistakes or asked those 'dumb' questions I wouldn't be the fish keeper I am now.
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Yeah, that is so true! I hate seeing all these people who NEVER clean their tanks, or let their water get disgustingly gross, yet they are fine with their fish. They are just so lazy... like my sister. I went to her house the other day, and she has this girl in a vase and the water was SO DISGUSTING! It was green and I literally couldn't see in the tank, only could see the Betta when she swum up. That's siccccck.

Thank you - I know it's going to be hard, so I'm trying to prepare myself for it as best as I can. Though of course some things you will never be as prepared for because you just don't expect it. I think one of those things is breeding.

My micro-worm culture went nuts today, and I've made a new one and will keep making them every week. I don't want to risk having my cultures crash right when my fry are free-swimming.

I also need to get some more jars, though I'm thinking I might go see if the local handy store sell plastic containers in bulk - it will be a lot faster then waiting for spare jars.

My nephews father used to breed a lot of Betta, and he said that I can put the fry that are in jars etc into my hot-water cupboard to keep them warm. That will work, and I have the room too.

My sponge filter is in the mail right at this very moment, which is exciting. Now all I need to get is the baby brine shrimp eggs, and find some old soda bottles lying around - I'm going to make a DIY shrimp hatchery. I have three or so air pumps lying around that I could use.

How long before do you think I should hatch the brine shrimp? I've never used them before and I'm not sure and I don't want to have them hatch too late for my fry.

I'm so excited to start!! :D Hehe.

And yes, there is always SO MUCH to learn! You think you know heaps, but then there is always that one thing you don't know. All of fish-keeping is like one big learning experience that never stops! And I love it sometimes! (BUT SOMETIMES I HATE IT! ;)
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