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Can 4 bettas survive together (female). Would you add a male to establish a pecking order?
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As I understand, four female bettas is considered the bare minimum for a sorority in a 10 gallon tank. Adding a male to the bunch is a no-no - while they may get along for awhile, the likelihood is that bad things would happen. The girls will establish a social hierarchy on their own
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The male has nothing to do with their hierarchy, no idea what hat that came out of. If you want to kill the male, that's the way to do it - unless its a plakat then he'l likely damage the girls greatly.

4 is ok, but more is better. I have the most success with a minimum of 6. They're as calm as ever and getting along, with 4 it was... constant ups and downs.

This is a big challenge, so make sure you are up to it! You need backup tanks for any girls that do not calm down after a while, but at first you have to let nature go about its business, tails will be nipped and half of them will look shredded. It's risky and can be more work than you think. I spent a long time just gathering enough unique females and every once in a while there was one that just would not get along, but I learned techniques to get them reintegrated with less aggression. It's work, that's all I have to say.
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Fin Fancier
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Male and female bettas should never be housed together. Along with the possibility that they may spawn and leave you with lots of fry to take care of; males care for fry, so after breeding they chase the female away. If they were stuck in the tank together there is a possibility he would kill her.
A sorority is a challenge I hope to try myself one day. Just from what I've read on the site 5 - 6 seems to be the recommended minimum.
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I have a 10g with 3 females in there and they get along famously :D
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would 5 females in a 10 gallon be overstocking?
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Last night I posted in "Meet the BettaKeepers", Xeek. That may give you an idea where I am coming from. I am an amatuer aquariust, a hobbyist, not an expert but far from unawares of the responsibility and basic knowledge of fishkeeping. I own one betta, he is very happy. Perhaps too happy. He was a resucue. Again, reading my introductory on the other thread may help explain. Which hat, you may ask? Several. EVERY website I read, even wikipedia, etc opines quiet differntly about betta care. Seems modern science has yet to catch up with Bettas. Until then, I guess common sense and help from others would be the best way to arm oneself in the care and keeping of bettas. That's all I have to say.
Thank you, PittiPl...btw, very gorgeous Pitti you have there :)
Fin Fancier, I was leaning more towards your advice on the get go, as it seemed to be the prevailing opinion among home enthusiasts rather than fresh water biologists. LOL Why? they get paid to study bettas, we do it out of love. So love wins. ;)
CJ Thank you, as well.... I guess it all depends on the temperament of the fish, just as with all domesticated pets. Thank you for your info, I would love to see your tank :)
Saphira, I wondered the same myself, but according to's not. I was surprised, as well.
To continue, I felll in love with a very puny female CT last night. I should have bought here then and there. To make a long story short, I now have 5 female bettas, all around the same size, different colors. My heart is the smallest one....and BOY did 24 hours in that stor make a difference. I came home, mixed up very mildly medicated water. Cleaned their store bowls with hot water only, and have each girl quarantined in the clean mild, and properly heated water. They rejected a small bit of blood worm...they are very young after all. I refuse to feed pellets to any fish (dried corn meal anyone?).
So i removed the blood worm from each, and took a single high end quality, mainly protein topical fish flake and crushed it evenly between the two. By the point the other four girls are happily yet cautiously enjoying the warm soothing water, some so much they nipped the food and kept on smooth sailing. One ignored it all together. All four are OFF the bottom of the bowl. exploring as much as they can. I have them grouped together under a light right now (soft uet heat producing, still in their own space but can see one another)
Back to my little girl. As I said, those last 24 hours in store must have been hell. She even had a tiny black ex on clue what that means. She is as gorgeous as ever....sadly....she stays on the bottom....trying her hardest to swim to the top to enjoy her meal. She is obviously starved....but it takes all her energy to move from the bottom of her cup to the surface. She looks like a little "s" lying down there. Could her back be broken? or is that normal posture for a bestta? I cannot tell on my male CT, as you know his fins cover his spine nicely, and he never seems to stop zipping about in his own little world.
She even make eye contact with me as I hover over her....trying, trying to make it to the surface. Once she does, she collapes.
I have a 10 gallon tank ready for them, heated, probably OVER filtered, plants, and five little homes for each. I am keeping the quarantine in check for now.
How long should I keep quarantined?
Also, what's wrong with my little <3 ?
I thought about her all night....she is so tiny and blue eyed....and now this.
Thanks in advance.
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i forgot, as well as the five mini hospitals I am operating tonight :) I ave 2 10 gallon aquariums, one holding the other waiting, and a 29 gallon waiting on the Oranda in the ten gallon (cycling) as well as 2 one gallon tanks, one of which is occupied by a near 1.5 inch Male CT. (he gets a 10 gallon to himself as soon as I am sure he is ready.... All are filtered, heated and more than made a fuss over :)
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