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Back to the OP's question. I think your plan is a good one!

I originally had one of my 10 gallons divided (before i started my sorority) so it was males on the outside and a female in the middle. It worked well, lots of bubble nests at first but they all settled down within a week or two. I think it's a lot less stressful for them to see the opposite sex all day long than the same.

As for moving the mollies, that could work too! I have kept mollies with goldfish before and it was perfectly fine. Just put it at the highest temp the lower end of the warm-water fish's preferances. As an example (not a real example) say a goldfish is 65-74, and a mollies need 70 - 79? Put it right at 72, so theres a little wiggle room for both species with temp fluctuations and they will be just fine.

I would go ahead and do it
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i know the minnows normally live in colder climate...a woman dedicated herself to them and made a website after she got attached to them.its where i got my info.though it doesnt seem to have been updated in a long my LPS they have the water at about 76-78..i looked at the thermometer the other day when i got 3 more since the 1 i had was alone and hides.but he is huge.the new 3 r small.

i prefer to have them in colder water as they seem to enjoy it more.luckily they are hardy and can tolerate tropical temps.they are actually very nice to have not to mention very they cost me .13 cents..but they are fun to watch and very active.though i will say do NOT keep them with bettas both male and female..i learned the hard way they are big fin nippers and tore 1 of my males up.been like 6 months.he still hasnt healed yet.and has a long ways to female has healed since then since i took her out rite away

but most from what i read say minnows are cold water fish..its y i did such a long research on them as well to confirm what they can handle. :)
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