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@Bluewind Kaoru still won't eat, and given this happened what the 21st she's been having a pretty poor diet. Even garlic won't encourage her to eat the pellets. Begining to think it is just her. She came to me a malnurished skinny little floater because of pellets. Been giving her bits of the flakes but I am more careful now of what I am doing. She's become really agressive acting towards me now that this occured. She used to let me pet her now she either runs or attacks my finger. Now to make truce with the betta... I'm going to have to feed her a few (2) blood worms with garlic oil to suck up. XD As I mentioned on another thread she hates pellets so much she began blowing bubbles where I usually feed her after she spat them out. Glad bettas can't spell because I think I know what she'd be spelling right now.

@AyalaCookiejar Yeah I love how she said "perfectly healthy" instead of "perfectly safe" which in case it ISN'T perfect in any way. Using perfect just sounds like a word only by people trying to cover up something or tooting their own horn. I nono now that I am more awake the response reads more like an ad and not "sorry for your experiance" generic reponse. We'll see if they repond again, however I doubt they would. I did surgest to her in the future maybe they should put a warning about might contian bones. While the possibility IS small as can be gathered here, should it occur again it wouldn't be so much of a shock. Again things happen, that was my day.

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Oh goodness! Well no wonder she wont eat them!

Sorry, did know her history. Yep, once they had a bad experence with something one time, they avoid it! Like how the poison hamburger meat to make the wolves and such sick so the wouldn't kill the cows! Worked like a charm too from what I understand.

How old is she? And what kinds of food have you tried with her?
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Originally Posted by Bluewind View Post

How old is she? And what kinds of food have you tried with her?
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I don't know how old she is, but two days before christmas she lost her baby stripes and she's now a full time blue and browned no stripped betta. Still looks weird to me. She's bigger then Jabi, but still smaller then my roomates betta. Best answer I can give you is still growing.

As for foods, two types of betta flakes, accidently gold fish flakes once. Dried blood worms, garlic. Guess you can consider the Japanese moss a food since she eats that from time to time. I wanna try live blood worms with her but they terrify me. She loves Nori. Nori and Garlic being two foods she goes nuts over. Kinda scared to think what would happen if I combined the two.

Omega one was just a journey to try better healthier foods for her.
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Most food companies are cautious when it comes to complaints.

I'm not sure what you expected the company to do, but they have to look out for themselves first.
  • People make up stories all the time to get "compensation/reimbursement". Best case scenario is if they sent out a complimentary jar of their food, but for a small company that doesn't make sense for a random manufacturing accident.

  • When larger animals are processed into smaller particles, it's never 100% unless they run the "batch" through the machine several times. Chunks of flesh/bone can escape the "processing" depending on the operator. It's not unusual at all.
  • The type of salmon that Omega1 uses in their products are probably trout sized since they are cheaper and there's less of a human market for them.

  • Bettas in the wild, eat small fish, amphipoda, worms, insects & near microscopic critters in the water they're spawned in.

Where in the WORLD would a betta find Salmon, Halibut, Rockfish, Krill, Shrimp, Seaweed to eat in these same bodies of water?

Bettas are smaller than a pack of gum/lipstick. So if you're going to feed them a food product made from a larger animal, bone fragments are one of the risks you'll have to accept.

Just be more careful and give the company a break. It's an accident.

Nowadays you can't even apologize because an admission of guilt via email, opens you up for a potential lawsuit.

Stick with pellets since the portions are easier to control than flakes.

BTW, the bone from the first picture looks like a pin bone. It's the most common bone you'll choke on from a salmon/trout/artic char.
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Location: Santa Ana, CA
@MSG if I find something potentially dangerous in a product or a fault I will contact them to let them know. SOME companies actually give a hoot and are thankful for the heads up. If there is a mistake you'd want to know about it right?

Lawsuit, oh yeah, I know what you mean there this is America here. There are people who would raise hell over this. Bet some person would claim their fish is permanently traumatized over this they had to take them to the vet and their fish needs life long fishy therapy. Or if they would have poked themselves they probably try to claim the tiny boo boo contracted some weird flesh eating bacteria and they were so traumatized... ... In a nut shell I work security I have to deal with some of those people. They can make a small ant hill seem like a horrifying bloody hostile takeover which they mentally will never recover from.

And I think I have proved she will not take pellets, I just have to be more careful in the future. Note when I posted ALL the way back in the beginning I asked did anyone else have this issue. As if knowing is this something to expect from this type of food. Also something to contact the company over just so you know the risk in the future. Which, as pretty much can be proved, sheet happens but it's few and far between. There are more happy fishies then _0_o_+++<

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