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Changing the water every day or every other day is essential too, or so I've read. I change mine every day, around 2 - 2.5 gallons in my 5.5 gallon tank and use a good water conditioner (Seachem Prime) to treat the tap. I also like to turn off my HOB filter when its feeding time to make sure not too much food is missed by the baby and goes flying around the tank because of the water current.
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I have raised the 4 baby petco bettas I have in a gallon bowl to start, Anytime I have placed a baby in a bigger tank they get overwhelmed and don't live very long. Depending on how small the baby is, they will have a hard time swimming all the way to the top to breathe so I fill the bowl a little over half full so they don't have to stress themselves out trying to get air. Also have lots of plants! real or silk. They love to sleep and hide in them! I feed mine frozen baby brine shrimp and and crushed freeze dried blood worms. I don't use a filter for the first couple of months that I have a baby because they're not quite strong enough to swim against the current just yet, But you do have to be ready to commit a'lot of time to water changes. Babys release a hormone into the water that could stunt their growth. Especially males! It is very hard to tell what gender of a baby you are getting. Petco said I was getting a veiltail female, Now Monty has grown into a lovely crowntail male! Fishykins was also sold as a veiltail male, Now he is a super pretty elephant ear male. Its fun to see what kind of surprise your baby will turn out to be. Good luck to you! Hope this helps some!
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Thanks! I plan on getting one from my lfs, they sadly sell pretty small babies, you can tell they're male, but only barely:(
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