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Questions on the IBC

Ok I know I should contact the IBC instead but I figured I ask here because they never seem to answer my e-mails I bet they're supper full and busy so here goes.

One what does it take to be at shows what is really required for show Bettas? Do you have to pay to compete what does it take really.

Two why are V-tails not considered for shows anymore what happened there?
(If it where not for V-tails we would not have show bettas right now this is my personal opinion.)

Three can someone set up a show by themselves not associated with the IBC just there own personal show type thing?

Four instead of buying Bettas can they give them up for adoption? Like if I rescue Bettas can I make a slight show, showing my Bettas available for adoption is my question.

Thanks I really want to know also is it good to join the IBC? I've been pondering for a while but I want to know from people as Member of the IBC is it worth it if your not going to shows and stuff? I mean i might show Bettas but not yest just wondering that's all help would be appreciated.
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Usually if you post questions to the FB page, you'll get some answers. Also can use their BetterBettas Yahoo! Group if you are a member. The handbook that you get when you join will tell you too.

The standards will be different based upon tail type/color/pattern of betta you show, but beginners would be in the New Breeders class. To enter you must be a member of IBC and in good standing, as well as either bred the betta you are showing, or have a written credit to the breeder of the fish being shown. No pet store bettas.

Unsure exactly why the VT isn't shown - possibly because they are more common in the pet market (used to be more of them than others). There are some breeders who are making VTs that are above and beyond in colors and such now - some very unique dragonscale VTs I have seen lately that are coming out more. So who knows what will happen.

I'm sure they will let you sell/give out your bettas.. not many do on the IBC site, they go through their local chapters and such a lot for selling.

I joined the 2yr option.. I have resources to go to for breeding and future showing if I wish. Met a lot of great people, love the Flare magazine and such :) I say it's worth the $20 for a year - if you don't like it, it's not a lot of money lost.. if you do, then it's worth it :)
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Ok that helps thanks I have just been pondering for a while now about it I might do it as a New Year Resolution for my Bettas lol
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