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Sorority QTing

So I am setting up a ten gallon sorority tank and I have one 4 gallon back up tank for it if I have a female that doesn't work out... I'm getting my females from 2 different breeders and the first three might get here this week. I haven't ordered the other 2-3.

I am interested to know how you guys QTed your girls? I have a plan for the three I've already ordered. I have three separate one gallon tanks to float in the ten gallon to keep them warm. I also have the filters fishless cycling in the four gallon (right now its in the high ammonia and nitrite phase).
The reason I am asking is because I can only fit three one gallons in the ten gallon and MAYBE two in the four gallon. I already have many silk plants and heaters for both tanks. Once I get the rest of my females I'd like something to QT them in that I can float in the tanks but that aren't super tiny little cups. It will only be temporary. What have you guys used to do this? Anything slightly smaller than one gallon but bigger than those tiny cups that they come in at the store that I can fit 5 or 6 in a ten gallon and a four gallon? I'd like something that they can see each other in so that they can get used to each others' presence.

I have not yet ordered more than three so I have a plan for the ones I've already ordered but I need something that will work out for a few weeks after I get the rest of the females. I obviously don't want to put the three in the ten gallon while I'm still QTing the others so two of them don't gang up on the third one.

Anyways, any ideas? Anything that has worked well for you guys? I know that even the small cups would probably be OK since it will only be temporary but I'd feel so bad leaving them in there for two weeks :/
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Get some large deli cups - the 32oz size ones.. sometimes if you ask nicely someone in a deli at the grocery store may give you some.. then float those into the 10g - tape to the side if needed. Can do 50% water changes from the cups daily to keep them clean - I use a turkey baster to do my water changes in those to get the waste out.

The girls will be fine in there for weeks if need be - I currently house a couple girls in them long term right now to prevent growth for future breeding while some young males catch up.
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Thanks! I went to Walmart and the deli gave me six of them for free, with lids. Do you only fill them half full with no lid or do you keep the lids on and full them most of the way?

Since they are taller, I'm thinking about trying to find something to put in each so they have a place to rest near the surface.. Do you think that's necessary? I mean there's a small amount of water surface and they really aren't that deep since they are so small.
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