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Yes but does not help with 100% water changes.
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Hey Y'all ,
I have ADF's in a community tank and have a couple slabs of slate rock on the floor of the tank to give them a clean surface like a plate to eat from , you need this to help the frogs find the food easy and not eat any substrate on accident , this will cause a blockage and death for the froger and ya dont want that i know .
I have had 2 frick and frack forever they are a mated pair ( purely accidental ) didnt know how to sex them when I got them . And after reading more on them I have tried to add more frogs to the tank to help them feel more comfortable but everytime I add frogs they die . I blamed it on starvation but I made sure they each got a share of dinner ( froozenbloodworms , thawed first, and pre soaked tadpole pellets ) . but they still died .
They would live a week or 2 then started to die one daily ....But the 2 original's are fine so I ruled out sickness . I am thinking either my placo a bristlenose I witnessed attack one small frog and the 2 originals prolly killed the new frogs .
I noticed at feedings that the ADF's are aggressive to each other , bitting fiercly and kicking each other . I dont know or understand it as its said they like to be in groups of 8 or more ... tanks big to not a size issue so what gives ...
Sory for the extra long post that vered off topic just sharing some stuff about the ADF's , to the original question I was responding to about hande feeding , you need a good solide surface for them to eat for best results for them such as a flat rock or flower pot piece or so on they have trouble finding the food in gravel and eat sand on accident so its hard . Alot of people have both gravel and sand and frogs do fine with both so its up to you , hand feed in a community tank to insure the frogs get food as the fish will eat it b4 they find it , okay I'm done now lol sory agin hope this novel of a thread helped some lol
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