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Originally Posted by vizja13 View Post
cap: he's a red white and blue marble veiltail, petco betta, i was shocked to find him among all the reds. He was originally named "draco" (latin or something for dragon, he has a castle in his tank) then my friend met him, and saw his colors, both of us are marvel movie nuts, an refused to call him draco. Called him cap. Finally that name just stuck to him. It fits much better. For any marvel junkies out there, his algae eater (an oto) is named coulson.
rory:okay so i also love doctor who. This purple-ish boy (his colors are layered blue and red; his body looks purple) ended up being named after rory, the roman centurion. Reminded me of the colors in rory's roman outfit.
sexy: (please don't shoot me) my adorable blue marble crowntail female, she has red tips on her fins, and yes it's a marking. Also from doctor who, when the tardis became a woman in "the doctor's wife" (series...5? 6? I need to look that up)the doctor calls her "sexy" so sexy she is :)

i'm such a dork...
i love doctor who too! :)
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I named mine Lunos because I got him on the day of the super moon may 5th 2012 and he's blue (blue moon)
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Mine is named Lightening, for Lightening McQueen in Cars. He's red just like the car.
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The Harry Potter books/movies! All of the different "jinxes" and "hexes." I know they both mean to "cast evil spells on" or "to bring bad luck upon," but I really liked the names... :o
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My CT is Ember - he's red and his fins looks like flames erupting when he flares

My HMDbT is Nagini - after the snake in Harry Potter lol. I just love Harry potter. When I see him in the shop he just screamed Nagini. Had to buy him! Xxx
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I was going to name my Betta Shane, after a youtube video, then when I finally got him, I wanted to name him Spider, because he made a grand leap to the floor when the cashier was putting him in the bag. And because I love Spider-man, and he's red. So his name is Shane 'Spider'. With Spider as more of nickname. xD
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Oh boy. This is going to be interesting. Rosso is an Italian male name meaning red. Poseidon was obviously named after a Greek God.
Princess Peach and Princess Daisy from Super Mario Bros. Peach was almost pink looking and Daisy is a shade of Orange. I don't know why but Big Momma's name was changed from Violet. Violet didn't seem to fit her and even though Big Momma may not be my biggest female, she just seems like a Big Momma to me. Finally, there is Aurora. Aurora is a very brightly colored girl who is exhibiting at least two colors. Her colors remind me of a rainbow for some reason.
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I named my Cory with Scolosis Obama. Crooked spine Crooked polotician in my opinion.
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My Betta was named Gus because I was up at WalMart shopping for my supplies for a Vegas trip my friends had gotten my for my birthday. And then, I saw him! Pittiful little boy in a cup. I HAD to get him. I ended up spending some of my Vegas money on him and the necessities. Well, what I thought was. Food, water conditioner, some Betta Water to help him heal, but no heater as I didn't know better!

I raised cane at the manager and corporate for the terrible conditions of their Bettas and they reimbursed me for him and then some, but the money I spent on him originally came from my Vegas fund, so Gus was a perfect name.

The $3 I spent on him was the only money I gambled with in Vegas and whatever I won was to go towards him. I won $23, so as soon as I got back, Gus got a nice 1.8gallon tank and a heater from that walmart card
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You have a cane? I named a Guppy Nag. The Guppy was a cobra. We had learned in english a story of indian animals.
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