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relatively new owner(question)

8) 1. how many pellets should i feed my two male bettas nd how many times a day 2. how often should i clean their tanks. 3. should i keep there tanks close to promote flaring. 4. should i like watch my bettas for them to get use to me thanks for reading please answer
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1. I feed mine 2 pellets in the morning and through out the day a few snacks, so around 5 pellets each day.
2. Clean their tanks about once a week, unless it gets very dirty and depending on how many fish you have.
3. I'm not sure about the flaring thing, my betta doesnt flare up very often but his tank is closed.
4. I like to watch mine, but i honestly don think it makes that big of a difference, they wont become snuggly or anything so you dont have to spend hours at a time staring at your betta, but try to spend some time with it so its not neglected!

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1. for my small female, 2 in the morning and 2 at night. for my bigger male, 3.
2. i do like 10-20% partial water changes every day, sometimes more.
3. its okay to have them flare sometimes, but you'll want to divide them sometimes to give them a break.
4.i like to. they do learn to recognize you after a while. and theyre fun to watch.
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i feed 2 am and 2 pm to my male, and freeze dried bloodworms 1-2 times a week for a snack. (1 day a week for fasting is good)
What size tank are they in and does it have a filter? i do 25% - 50% water changes (rotating) for a tank just over 2 gallons every 4 days
it does not have a filter. and they can see each other but not 24 hours a day because they may become a bit stressed.
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