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Fin Rot? And a bit of general advice

Hi, I recently got my first betta. I found a small runtish looking blue betta in the pet store and fell in love with him. I've never owned a betta and am learning new stuff by researching every day.

I've had him about a week and when I first saw him I noticed he had really scraggly kinda shrivelled pelvic fins which I'm guessing is fin rot although he was in a tank with other fish so maybe they were bullying him :P
He does seem to be having some regrowth though there are now white/clear tips on the end of the fins. Do I need to add aquarium salt/fin rot medication if he is already showing signs or regrowth or is it best to leave the water undisturbed.

He is currently living on my desk in a small 2 gallon tank while I wait for my 8 gallon to be delivered. And I was wondering how often I need to do water changed for the small tank at the moment I am doing a 50% change every 4/5 days.

Any advice is appreciated.
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Regrowth is a clear film forming at the end of the fins. If they're already growing back then it's not necessary. Feed him high-protein foods so new fin tissue can grow quicker. (i.e. live mosquito larvae) Does your 2G have a filter? If it does, 2 50% changes a week will be sufficient until it cycles. If not, 1 100% and 1-2 50% changes per week will suffice. Welcome to the forum btw. :)
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Thank you for the welcome ^_^
No the temp tank doesn't have a filter, thank you for the advice.
I'll try to get a pic of the fins in question, if I can get him to stay still long enough hehe
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