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Smile Barely 2 months in the hobby (:

Yeah so i saw this one member doing something like this and so am i! I started fish keeping in the end of November last year and here I am with 3 tanks now. Gonna be that crazy fish keeper on the West Island someday so here we go :P

The second tank i got is my smallest one, a 5 gallon with my Jazzy in it, my male crowntail betta. He was living in my 21 gallon before but i had to move him out for 2 reasons; 1. I added females to the tank and 2. His tail got nipped or ripped i don't really know. I'm planning on adding shrimps later on when the tank is fully established. Pictures:

Name:  IMAG0388.jpg
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Here he is, the inhabitant of the tank. If you watch closely, you can see the back of its tail there's a chunk missing. Anyone knows how much time can this take to grow back?

Name:  IMAG0405.jpg
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Name:  IMAG0407.jpg
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Then are pictures of the tank, it has everything except a light, that necessary or are lights only for live plants and to make the fish more colourful?

Then, i have a 10 gallon which i got on kijiji from a woman who sold her tank along with all her equipements she had for only 50$. Good deal, reason she sold it? Her fish kept dying... I had a choice for how to stock this tank. I wanted to either move my female bettas into it or take a fancy goldfish from my friend who was giving him away because he couldn't take proper care of it. I had a thread about this and i finally decided to take the goldfish because he was still small and i could upgrade as he grows and then move my small sorority. Pictures:

Name:  IMAG0416.jpg
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So he was named sushi!

Name:  IMAG0402.jpg
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How big the tank looks compared to him for now.

Name:  IMAG0410.jpg
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Name:  IMAG0417.jpg
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Went to walmart to buy him some stuff today.

Finally, my last tank is a 21 gallon. It was the first one i got. It currently have 2 red comet plattys and 3 female bettas. They are crowntail from what i've been told. One of my fish died in this tank. A red comet platty due to ammonia poisoning. How sad! I'm still waiting for this tank to cycle but it's taking forever! It has 2 live plants with a bunch of fake silk plants. Pictures:

Name:  IMAG0418.jpg
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Name:  IMAG0381.jpg
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Name:  IMAG0422.jpg
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Too hard to take pictures of each one of them individually, they are moving too much!

Then here are some equipements i have just in case!

Name:  IMAG0423.jpg
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Here is all the food, test kit, water conditioner, medecines, water additives i've got for the fishes. Btw is it fishs or fishes? Damn

Name:  IMAG0424.jpg
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And here are my gravel vacuums in 3 different sizes :P

What do you guys think? (:
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Love the tanks!! :)

As for the bettas tail growing back, could take a few weeks to a month depending on the waters condition and if he is bored enough to bite it. You should see new growth within a week as long as the water is clean- it will come in clear at first.
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Location: Montreal, Canada
Thanks :) I never knew that he could get bored and bit his own tail, maybe that's what he did, because i never found him fighting in his old tank! n.n

And do you know how exactly i will know when my females are adults?
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