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Sexing baby bettas?

Being new to betta keeping, I don't really know how to tell the age of a betta, much less sex one. I got this cutie after he stole my heart away from my petco and under the assumption that it was a male, named it Pontus. However, looking at some fish - I feel that it could just as well be female... Now, Pontus is a more masculine name in my mind (it's the greek personification of the sea, and a male at that!), and if my little baby is a girl, I'd much rather name her something that would fit! Can anyone help me sex my fish, or is it still too early to tell? And can anyone take a guess at how old he may be? I figure this thread can be used for others who may need help as well!

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looks like a female just because I can see breeding stripes.
Can you see an egg spot??
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I would say female because of her small pectoral fins and more importantly, she has bars.
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Both young males and females can display breeding bars, stress stripes, and even 'egg spots' thats not always an accurate way to sex. IME, I've found looking at the ventrals and general body shape gives you a much better idea of the sex....though even then sometimes he can be hard! These little guys can be so tricky when they're young.

Anyway at this point, I would say Plakat female based on her small ventrals and her body shape also seems a little more feminine to me. But, she is still there is still the possibility over the next couple of months you could get a surprise and end up with a happens, especially with those baby bettas who are often somewhat stunted from their time in those horrible pet store conditions.....some can be late bloomers.
But, I'd say most likely female.
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Old 01-09-2013, 08:56 AM   #5 
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Dragon, you are correct in what you say, but I am sort of leaning towards male, because to me the ventrals seem a little bit longer for the body size..
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Do they? To me they look short....but sitting here and starring at the picture now after some more tea in me, I can kinda see what you mean.
Ah well. Its so hard to tell when they're so young. And even when they're a little older sometimes they surprise you...xD Such silly tricky little things...
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