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Smile New to and Bettas in general...


My name is Traci. My Bettas name is Quill (though, that may be a given at this point). I dont know anything about specifics but hes a beautiful blue with red accents. I have had him since June and he is currently housed in 1 gallon Aqueon tank, with filter. Though I think the tank is a little small, I have been happy with it, its easy to upkeep but recently (the last month) or so it has started leaking from where the filter "clips" onto the tank. Today I purchased the Fluval Chi 5 Gallon tank. I havent really taken it out of the box yet but have read some reviews, while most are positive and most people with Bettas like it, there are a couple that have me really worried because it talks about how the Betta can get stuck in the filter. I have looked and looked at the filter and I am not sure how that is possible but I have seen a couple "reviews" on it that state it has happened. Though, those posts were written in 2010 and maybe Fluval has addressed the issue by now. Who knows.

So, that's how I ended up here on this site. I wanted to see if anyone has experience with the Chi and can let me know how big of a concern it is that he can get stuck? Please be gentle with me as like I said, I am extremely new to having any fish at all, I sort of got Quill on accident but I am totally in love with him! He's such a sweet little guy. I just want to make sure he's safe and continues to thrive and be happy.
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I have a chi! A very nice "decoration tank". I do not have a betta in it, but I see no problem with it.
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Thanks for responding. And helping me figure out this site. I am thinking of setting it up and just letting it run for a few days. I don't have a pH kit or anything because everyone at the pet stores tell me "Oh Bettas are hardy fish, he will be fine" My house usually runs pretty cold so I think I will go back for the Fluval heater though, just to be safe.
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Get an adjustable heater, and don't listen to those pet store people, yes bettas are hardy and can survive in harsh conditions, but it doesn't mean they want to. Read some of the stickys on here, they will help (:
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Hi Traci,
First let me say welcome to both Bettafish and the addicting world of betta keeping!

Congrats on getting your betta such a roomy house. He will be in heaven!
Number 1 = ignore the people at the pet store! Yes, I said it and stand behind it!!!!!!
You need a heater, no question about it. Keep the tank water around 80 and watch the difference in his activity level.
Number 2 = if you are worried about him getting caught in the filter intake (which in a low flow 5 gallon system should not be an issue if he's healthy) you can cover the intake with a sponge. I have a veiltail (the one in my avatar) in my 5 gallon and he swims right next to the intake with absolutly no problems.
Number 3 = reviews are peoples opinions and experiences. They are a useful tool, but often you don't get the whole story. The people that had bettas get stuck to the intake, were the fish healthy or sick, did they have heaters in the tank, did they overfeed, did they do regular water changes. Same goes for heaters. I read tons of reviews before I bought mine. Everyone always says buy the top most expensive brand. I did for my big system because of the load of water it has to heat. I have inexpensive aquacon and top fin heaters in my betta tanks and never had the first problem. That's just my experience!

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Old 01-09-2013, 10:25 AM   #6 
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Thanks Twixie, for responding.

Waterdog, Quill looks a lot like your avatar picture!! They must be the same kind of fish!

So, I will go today and get a heater for the tank. I didn't set it up last night because I was still worried about the reviews. The filter has plastic around it so I dont know where the reviews were talking about that they could get stuck. The plastic is flush with the filter so it would take something extremely small to get stuck, I think even his food pellets would be too big to get through the holes on the plastic. I'll just have to keep a close eye. Also, the Chi is a topless tank, I haven't seen him jump, or try to jump, though his full time tank has a top on it, but hes never tried to jump out of the little cup I put him in when I would clean his tank. I think I worry too much! I just know I would be devastated if something happened to him.
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Definitely find a way to cover the tank. Bettas jump on instinct. One of my female bettas jumped through a really small hole in the hood of the tank while I wasn't home so she died. Sadly, others on here have had the same experience.
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fluval chi, fluval chi tank

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