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Reproduction of betta by billysurf


Before starting as reproduced this beautiful fish must think before that:
1.-must know the responsibility that this entails the need to invest time and most important patience is not always the first out all rosy.
2. - Space is very important before playing as they may be born from one to 200 or 300 copies with females know that they can live together without any problem but the males are very territorial and will fight till some come to fight avoiding death separating this before when they see some disputes.
3. - We have food available to its rapid growth both for the first few weeks and their first months of life
This is very important before you get to play with our dogs, we now turn to playback these steps relatare below are based on my experience and my mistakes as every breeder that starts in this adventure always experiences errors which eventually avoid commit and remove as much of fry.

As many different methods from different breeders will expose mine.
First of all we must know that you can cross any betta is color and tail that is if we make the steps to literally get a successful reproduction.
We begin with the couple must be color and tail units. Want to choose the male and female and feed them with balanced meal available to everyone as we live foods to supply: grindal tubifex daphnia artemia Bloodworms freeze dried food: live foods above as extra food and commercial food either pellets or flakes or porridge famous home.
The food is plowed by a space of not less than a week and our breeding pair gathered the strength to open the long-awaited reproduction.
We now turn to bowl many fans to raise this fish aquarium always advise a minimum 20L etc. in my case I have many couples to do is build an aquarium in which five couples will separate for breeding containers are just two pints can be plastic or glass to everyone's taste, once achieved breeding container we will introduce the male only by a space of not less than one hour will the heater at a temperature of between 27 and 28 degrees, after which they introduce the female into a clear container so that the male can see it but you can not play, the male will build the nest if this does not happen can release the female for a few minutes to encourage the male to build a nest and then return to put the female in its container and will be for a space 24 hours after which time the couple will gather for a few minutes and watch this is to see that the male assaulting him sharply in this time many breeders put this Diatomaceous to create in my case I give boiled egg yolk so I will not of infusoria, to make sure that the male assaulted the female will leave them in peace.
If all went well the next day open given the large and long-awaited hug after the female finishes spawning the female will withdraw and let the male do his work and not bother him.
After 48 hours at a temperature of 28 degrees open our fry born the male take care until swim horizontally during this time will not feed the fry as they feed on their yolk sac past three days we have to feed them well with infusoria or egg yolk as I do that's where the male will withdraw and leave the fry to feed.
FAQ on reproduction:
1.-as the female and is ready to spawn?
The horizontal lines show female these are signs that the female is comfortable with the male (many say that with these lines is that the female is ready and I can not say it's impossible but I can assure you not because I disagree) the female is ready when she thinks she is ready, white point sticks out more than usual and to mate the only thing we must remember is that this is not good food chubby if not eggs.
2.-that size has to have the nest to be hugged?
The nest is important because if not where eggs placed the male is larger but not to say this is the perfect size the male anger making the nest even when the female is embracing so I do not worry about the size the nest.
3.-I put light or not?
And since I never light because I think that would exhaust more to male and stress could eventually leave them and let nature take its course.
4.-because my male does the nest?
Bettas plow the nesting instinct just have to have a little patience you can release the female to the male and motivate but as mentioned before the male when ready for reproduction as ara not worry.
5.-that if I do not embrace?
If after following the above steps in three days and have not embraced the process repeats 100% by changing the water leaving almenaos three days rest.
6.-because they eat the eggs the male?
The male will tend to eat the eggs that have been fertilized so it will not fill with mushrooms and spread to others so do not worry.
Another thing and been observing for some time is that males and females have preferences for colors of females say they are something like a female can esquicitos or not (I'm not sure why so I could not assure 100%) e seen hugging males females collecting eggs but eat those eggs you eat are not fertilized by the male in a nutshell the male embraces the female but not fertile eggs is rare but it's true and I seen grabbing just under one week experience a spawning of a couple where the male ate the eggs as the female ice blew it was when they embraced with a syringe collecting eggs and put them in a bowl with a little water at a temperature optimal for hatching but I noticed with surprise that these eggs were not fertilized.
Concludes that the male mated with the female but not fertilized and that was the reason why the male ate the eggs we are 100% sure but I'll keep watching and now I'll comment every reproduction.
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Nice guide. I'm guessing English is a second language for you?
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