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Fin Rot Doesn't Go Away.

My friend's betta has had a persistent case of fin rot. After so much time and research, none of the causes of fin rot are present in her tank. Her water parameters are 100% fine, and the betta is not stressed in any way whatsoever. The two neon tetras and one whitecloud dont bother it and they are also perfectly healthy. The betta's behavior is perfectly normal and it is very active. We have tried:
Salt baths
Salt in aquarium
Nothing is working. Sometimes his fins will get better for 2 or 3 days, but then just gets worse afterward.
What should we do? We're running out of options.

Water parameters:
0ppm ammonia
0ppm nitrite
10-20ppm nitrate

She does a 25% water change every week using seachem prime for her conditioner.
10 gallon tank.
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Hey there,

I think there are two types of fin rott bacterial and fungal. Fungal fin rot is very fast acting and eats the fins away in a matter of days, if however it has been a long term problem then it is more likely bacterial fin rot in which case a good bacterial remedy would be most effective. I would reccommend mardel maracyn two. It is suppose to be very effective against fin and tail rot. Good luck Mardel Maracyn Two
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hello advise before, I wonder how many fish you have in the aquarium, and what type of filtration is to move forward in improving your fish, I suggest you take it out of the aquarium and goals in a container of not less than one liter , provide him a liter of water, 1/4 tablet metronidazole (you can find it in pharmacies) doing 100% changes every other day, and repeat the process for at least one week,
be recovered if so your betta fins
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Neon tetras need to be kept in schools of 5 minimum (ideally 6+) and they require a minimum of 10 gallons. Whitecloud minnows are also schooling fish and require minimum of 10g.. also they can be fin nippers. They might be eating your bettas fins.Also they are cold water fish that like to be kept around mid 60s-72 degrees and are not an appropriate choice for a tropical tank. Your minnow needs to be rehomed regardless.

More info is needed though to make sure we're not missing anything:
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Oh, the whiteclouds and tetras were in the same 10 gallon as the betta, but a divider was through the tank. the betta was alone by itself on the right side, while the tetras and whiteclouds were on the left. When they were divided, he still had fin rot. We removed the divider because we thought maybe he was stressed from inadequate space. And when we removed the divider we were monitoring the fish very closely. The white clouds/tetras dont bother the betta.
Callistra I've been keeping fish for about 1 year+ and have picked up a thing or two. I know it would be ideal for my friend to have more tetras and whiteclouds, but right now we're focusing on not overstocking the tank in risk of stressing the betta.
I think we will try veggiegirl's suggestion.
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