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This is totaly retarded and you can tell I'm a new owner by my question but, I am getting a big tank about 15 gallons and I have one male betta what kind of other fish can I put in with him? I know that they cant be bold or very colorful but what types? Thanks
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You could get a school of six cories of any type. Just make sure you've got either really smooth gravel or sand as your substrate.

Other good choices would be peaceful schoolers like harlequin rasboras or any of the less nippy tetras. Platies also mix well, usually.

Keep in mind that a lot depends on the attitude of your fish. Some bettas will be quite peaceful towards other community residents, while others can be total jerks.
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Originally Posted by cody
Any fish that is tropical, is not nippy, and does not have long fins. Bettas are very slow fish and should not be housed with fish like Male Guppies, Tiger Barbs, Angelfish, Goldfish, most Minnows, and some cichlids. You can also keep ADF’s, some shrimp, or snails all depending on the personality of your betta.
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I got a 15 gallon tank for my betta as well! It was my project tank, and I am almost done with it. I am really happy with the way it turned out, I used live plants and everything. I have 3 corys in there along with my male betta, and am planning on getting another 3 today. The corys are great :D ! They are fun to watch, will not nip my betta's fins, and don't provoke aggression. My betta seems to really like them, and I often find them all together on the bottom! My betta seems fascinated with them and likes to watch them and just pal around. So, that is my experience, I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
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