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Ammonia issues!

I'm in the process of moving Abe from the tiny half gallon I bought when I rescued him, to a 2.5 gallon with a filter. The past couple of months, he's been mostly happy in the little tank, except for being skittish lately... So I knew it was time for a larger home.

But while I'm trying to get the new aquarium ready, I've been having major issues keeping his water balanced in the half gallon. I've always done 50% water changes every other day, and a full water change on weekends (the past few changes using tap water with the Aqueon water conditioner). I've acclimated him each time and have followed a lot of the advice from the stickies on this forum, to make sure he's happy and relatively unstressed.

Last night, I did the full water change (because my schedule was off this past week), but when I woke up this morning, he was sluggish again and sitting on the bottom of the tank. So I tested the ammonia levels, to find it was between 1.0-1.5 ppm, which seems way too high for clean water! I even tested my tap water, treated and untreated, to make sure I wasn't accidentally adding ammonia. They were both normal.

Even after a 50% partial change, the level is still around 1.0 ppm. Abe looks miserable, and I'm at my wit's end on how to fix it. I've read up on the nitrogen cycle, so now I'm nervous about adding him to the new tank and having him drop dead from the stress of it all.

I realizing cycling the tank with Abe in it isn't preferred, but he's the only betta in the house, and I want to make it as unstressful for him as possible. Any advice on how to do this?! Or at least make his current home comfortable enough until I can switch him over?

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instead of using the fish-in cycle, you could always do a fishless cycle with pure bottled ammonia from ace hardware. make sure it is the right type of ammonia (if it is the good type it will not suds up when you shake the bottle) ! try to look up on ammonia cycling(using bottled).

i'm not sure what to do about his current home... probably more than 50% water changes. it is quite difficult to keep ammonia at 0 for a tank that small :T

i tried to help!
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