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VERY nice! Make sure to keep an eye on your water parameters (ammo, nitrites, nitrates, Ph) since the tank is new.
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Reference Team
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Nice tank! Your sure to have a happy betts!
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Here Fishy Fishy Fishy
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It's good that you went with a larger tank. Larger tanks are less work, easier to cycle and clean, etc.

If your tank is near where 'the action is' in your home, your betta will be plenty amused by everything that is going on.

Oddly enough, most bettas enjoy interacting with people. They are sort of like water puppies (my betta wags her top fin whenever she sees me, like a dog would wag its tail).

They're brave, intelligent, and quite often their curiosity can get them into trouble! They will get their heads stuck in holes in your tank decorations (which can be fatal); they will jump out of the tank if left uncovered (also fatal); they will explore your tank vacuum a little too closely (possibly fatal, if you don't notice quick enough)! They will swim up your filter's outflow and get into the filter. They are busy enough on their own, and will keep you busy too!

What they really don't need is TANKMATES. Seriously! A really aggressive betta (male or female) will wipe out all smaller tank mates. Shrimp = food. Neons = food. Other bettas = death and destruction. Catfish = death and destruction. Guppies = death and destruction. Do you see a trend here?

I learned this all the hard way. You can do what you want. You've been warned, lol....
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Sena Hansler
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However, every single betta is different. Spartan after he was older was kept with platy fry. He did not care (they were bigger than anything he could eat anyways). Maine had to be kept alone, not even in a divided tank. Fiona was fine in a divided tank, but disliked sororities... Marge, Tina, Rose and Zebra preferred only each other and no other females in their sorority. I also had them in with female guppies... They almost blended in xD Currently I know who likes what... None like most other fish. Most ignore the snails now. Over half hate divided tanks, the females could care less... The plakat females are separated either by tanks or dividers.

When you know YOUR fish, you know YOUR risks :) It ends up trial and error... And though you could put the betta or the other tankmate in a bowl temporarily... I would just say either know what you want to try, expect the best or worst, or have a back up tank just in case
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5 gallon tank, compatibility, male betta., tankmates

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