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homegrown terror
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take about 50 or so plastic containers (unused slurpee cups and the like work fine) and a sharpened crochet needle (or a fine-tip awl if you have one). use the needle to punch ten or twenty holes in the sides of the cups, and float them in a half-filled 20 gallon tank, heated and filtered, and put a betta in each. this will allow them to be separated and grow individually, and the punch-holes will allow in-and-out flow of clean, warm water to each cup. be careful not to let the cups fill too high (leave about 3 inches of air space at the top) to prevent them from jumping from one cup to the next and spreading unholy carnage.

EDIT 1 - this only needs to be done as the babies get to be a month or two old, when they start to show their aggression.

EDIT 2 - keep up with daily or 48 hour water changes, depending on the number of fry to reduce the presence of stunting hormones.

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Holes in cups won't allow them to float.. may only want to place 3-5" of water on the bottom with a heater. Don't need a filter if you are changing the water frequently.

Here is how I keep some of my breeders while I'm building these ones a barrack.

These are .33g critter keepers, 32oz deli cups in the back (the large one is a .66 keeper holding my blind boy). Heater in the back of the bin holding the temp at 78-80* depending upon time of day. This is also set up for housing juvies that need to be separated from the spawn - just use those 32oz cups in the back and fill up the bin.
I also use thin plastic notebook dividers to block the ones I am conditioning from one another - have 3 pairs conditioning (in the picture I have the males/females viewing each other for a short while).

This is something I came up with when needing to heat many containers cheaply and quickly.. will continue this for the juveniles while breeders go to barracks.

(Water level is a bit low in the picture, hadn't filled it up yet that day - usually try to keep the bin halfway filled with water)
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This is what I was referring to:

Works fine with larger plastic bottles.
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