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kitty litter

is it a good idea when settin up an npt to put kitty liyyer in it?

kitty litter is clay right?

does anyone know any positives and any negatives of puttin kitty litter into a planted tank and can anyone tell me how to do it? where does the layer of kitty litter go and how much do you use??

my head is tellin me to put down a half inch first then put inch of dirt then put half inch of sand but im just guessin here,any info would be greatly appreciated
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homegrown terror
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i would be HIGHLY skeptical about putting cat litter in a tank...there are so many additives they put in it beyond just clay, and there'd be no way to tell if they're all aq safe. maybe if it were a plant-only tank to grow plants for another aquarium, but even then, there are much more effective fertilisers for your plants
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I agree with HomegrownTerror, I would honestly not do it. While it is clay; unless it is 110% organic clay litter, it has many additives in it such as clumping agents or perfumes.

Getting proper substrate is not only guaranteed to be safe for aquaria, but it is much healthier for your plants. These specialized substrates have a vast amount of nutrients your plants can snack on, as well as a very high cation exchange capacity, which means that the substrate can obtain new nutrients naturally.
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Not all kitty litter is the same-it can vary from state to state. The kitty litter I used in one of my NPT's-I bought the wal mart brand 100% clay-no additives, perfumes, clumping...etc....-I think it was a red bag-but not 100% on that.

The first time I used it-I used all kitty litter instead of soil-with the sand cap...and it was fine until I pulled plants and replanted....What a mess.....the silts it caused-the cloud that never would clear up-it coated the plants....This tank lasted about 2 months more or less.....I tore it down-But I tried it again....
This time I did a 25% kitty litter mixed with 75% soil-I sifted them together and used this as my base-then capped it with sand and so far it is doing great and it been 5-6 years more or less.....No cloud, no mess...etc.....

The 100% clay kitty litter will work, however, I would do a 25/75 mix.
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