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my fish is upchucking

ok so i just got a new betta about a week ago and i brought him to live with me in my dorm room. he seems really happy, he swims alot and loves hiding under the fake plant i got him. the only thing is that when i feed him, he eats the pellet and then he kinda like spits it back out. what's up with him?
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Bettas can be really picky eaters. He may not like the pellets you are feeding him. Maybe try a different brand or try flake food for tropical fish.
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My male Betta Shimmer did the same thing when I brought him home. After feeding him live bloodworms from the lfs, which he gobbled right up, I started crushing his pellets. He had been eating crushed pellets until just recently when I tried the whole one and he has been eating them fine.

Just take two spoons, put the pellets you want to feed him in one and with the other spoon on top of it, crush them. Or you can use a mortar and pestle if you have that.

Good luck!
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what usally works is you try to feed him nothing but those pellets for about a week. Dont worry if he spits them out bcuz he'll eventually get hungry enough to eat them.
then you could start to treat him with blood worms or brine shimp
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