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Upgrading tank, Finrot

I have had a betta for 2 weeks now. I was misinformed by the fish store employee (a local store), who told me a half-gallon bowl without a filter or heater was not only ok, but preferable for a betta. Now that I've read more, this advice really pisses me off (specifically since I asked, very pointedly, whether a bigger tank with a filter would be better, and he told me it would be WORSE for the fish).

Bossypants, the fish, has been active and lively and sociable. He clearly recognizes my 4 year old who is the one who feeds him (under my close supervision), for instance. But, probably due to the poor water conditions, he has what looks like a mild case of fin rot, just on the edges. This was what led me to look up more information on bettas and figure out just how wrong the guy at the fish store was.

So, I've bought a 3 gallon tank w/ filter (a Tetra Half Moon Bubbler) and a heater.

I was wondering how I should precede with transferring him. I'm worried since the tank is brand new, and, therefore, uncycled, that transferring him right away would make the fin rot worse. Is that true? Would it be better to keep him in the half gallon bowl, with daily water changes, until the new tank is cycled?

If so, is aquarium salt in the small bowl a good idea until the new tank is ready?

Also, would it be possible/advisable to 'seed' the new tank w/ some gravel from the old tank to speed up the cycling process, or is that a silly idea?
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I say move him! You can leave the filter off or run it for the 3g, I personally don't like running a filter on anything less than a 5g. If you do the appropriate water changes with temp matched & conditioned water his fin rot should heal up. If you want to add aq salt you can but I'd give it some time with the fresh, clean, conditioned, warm water.
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An empty 1G jar with newly-conditioned tap water, Myxazin medication and water changes every 3-day does it for me. No filters or air pumps required, just make sure it's warm enough (75F/27C)!
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You most likely won't be able to cycle the 3 gallon (it's very difficult to hold a cycle in anything smaller than a 5 gallon tank), so transfer him as soon as you can. Please remember to acclimate him to the new tank slowly though. Float him in the tank in a cup so the temperatures can be matched, then slowly exchange water from the new tank into his cup. AFTER you have him in the tank, then turn the heater on and let it warm up slowly. If you try to put him in the new warm water after he's been at room temperature, even with acclimating him, it could throw him into shock.
Warm, clean water is the best thing for healing fin rot. There is a sticky at the top of this forum about water changes - how much/how often based on tank size, filter, plants, etc. Given that he has fin rot, I would add 1 more 50% cleaning a week than what is recommended.
Good Luck
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