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Talking I've caught MTS XD (Question about tank set ups)

So after a great success with my new friend Cobalt, ive suddenly found myself wanting more bettas. Of course since you can't keep two male bettas together in the same tank this means more tanks.

My 5 gal currently has:

10i whisper filter
water temp of 23 - 25 degress celcius or the "green zone" on my thermometer
2 live plants 1 tall one small
2 fake plants 1 tall 1 medium
2 caves


Cycling (3 weeks) and water parameters are looking great to.

Question 1: Is my tank ready for fish and could I put 1 betta and two African dwarf frogs in the 5 gal?

Question 2: I've seen these little moss balls floating around in plastic containers in my local pet store, Do bettas like these?

2.5 Gal
3i whisper filter
temp at 23 - 25 Celsius
fake drift wood
Cycling 3 weeks added cycled tank filter media 12 hours ago

Question 3: Is this tank ready for fish? (1 betta in mind)

Question 4: would transferring a plant from a cycled tank help with beneficial bacteria growth?

Question 5: do betta require some form of cave or just something to hide behind?
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Yes, it is ready for fish. Adf are risky, and I don't know much about them. I do know that three ghost shrimp or one snail would work perfectly. Those moss balls are marimo moss balls, I do not own one but I know lots of people do and love them. Number two is ready for fish, but it would be better to check peramiters and make sure it's done. A plant would help with bacterial growth and help take out ammonia. They do not require a hide, but it sure is a bonus! What do you feed them?
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I have a variety of food, using mostly Omega one Betta flakes. As my betta and my little bros betta love them.

We have pellets for my other little bros betta

We sub in Top Fin freeze dried blood worms 2 - 3 times per week (been trying to get some Omega One worms but everytime I go they are sold out)

And frozen blood worms once ever week or two alternating with frozen brine shrimp

We also do the one day of fasting which is usually matched up with water change day. (Thursday) so that they dont get blocked up from stress.

As for what I have read about ADF is that they need approx. 1 gal per frog, they eat frozen blood worms and small frog pellets. I have read that they make good Betta mates because both don't produce a heavy bio load. I have also herd that it usually works out better if you get them at the same time but put the frogs in first before the betta has time to establish a territory.

I was thinking about maybe keeping the 2.5 gal tank empty for now encase the betta and frogs don't get along.

or just not getting the frogs

*edit* I took your advice and moved my sword plant from my 3 gal into the 2.5 gal that leaving my original betta cobalt with a nice java fern which he is really happy about

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