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Sena Hansler
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Actually I know people who DO NOT care for the animals. Aquarium Central, he does not care at all. Fed a columnaris victim to another fish, laughed that she was dying, loved the fact she was fed to another fish, swore in front of a couple's young daughter...

Don't forget the stores I walked into where there are people who are texting their be sties and chatting with all the other employees, so they do not actually do anything.

How about, starting now, start saying IN MY EXPERIENCE, I have noticed that SOME employees have..." To avoid treading on each other's feet ;) It is a touchy subject, and there are probably over 20 threads about pet stores.
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my 2 cents: obliviously your love fish but that wont gurantee you the job. you have to present how that will be benefitual to their business.

tell them you love fish so much you:

1)will take care of their stock
2)you want the customer to get the right fish
3)will inform customers with the correct and vital information
4)try to suggest other products

throw in that you love being around and talking to people with help too because businesses want friendly, social employees. shoot as a customer i want to see a sincere smile

and all these things put together will ensure customers will receive great service and products and because of this they will become repeat customers who will be more likely to tell others about their store.

if u get the job u owe me lunch, just kidding, good luck to you :)

as to your question, honestly as a new employee i dont think you can run in there and tell everyone that theyre doing a crappy job with the fish/tanks. the mere fact that you are now working there will allow you to make small maybe major improvements to those conditions. so i might not have to be said because your actions will make it better. now if the crappy conditions are due to management and or company policy/their procedures and they dont want you to do it differently then theres only 4 things you can do: 1)submit and do what they say, 2)forget them and do it your way at your own risk of getting in trouble or worse fired 3)make a complaint and try to change policy/procedures, but again sometimes this is risky on you so be forewarned 4)quit
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