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Purple/brown spot on dorsal

I've been sick with the flu for the past 2 weeks, so I haven't been really taking good care of my fish. My mom did some water changes (I remember nothing from these) and she's been feeding Om 2 pellets a day like usual.
Today I took a good look at my fish while I did a 100% water change, lo and behold, on his dorsal fin there's a pea sized dark purple spot. Surrounding that is a bit of brown.
My fish doesn't act sick whatsoever, still perfectly active, still eating well, chasing his shrimp, etc.
I don't know much about what's been happening with him, my mom probably didn't tell me about the illness because she doesn't exactly care about fish....he was $4 at a pet store and in pathetic condition, so he is easily replaceable (I know, it makes me really angry too)
Here's all the info I can give:
3 gallons
1 Marimo Moss ball "carpet" (ripped up and weighed down to make a little shrimp cave)
Tap water, directly from well under our house in the country, no copper, lots of minerals, very hard water
82 degrees, constant temperature
Last water change before today: 50% on Monday

No extras, 2 pellets TopFin Betta Bits per day

1 itty bitty ghost shrimp

Nothing as of yet

None, just an air pump

I'm still sick and I can't really think about much else...
I don't have water params, I can't get them because I lost my test kit (I'm searching) so if there's anything else I can give without any chemicals needed or whatever please tell me!!

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What conditioner are you using?

What's the ph of your water?

Photos would be helpful.

In a tank of this size twice weekly water changes are needed 50% and 100% by week's end.

Your pellets are low quality. I would look for some pellets that have the first two or three ingredients as whole fish, not fish meal or wheat. I would add a fast day a week and increase feeding depending on the size you pick up.
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