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^ Some fish I've seen sold by an Australian seller. No, they're not perfect, but you can't find long flowing fins like that in any other tail type. I am really just kind of in love with them... I think petstores here have stopped stocking VTs in favour of other tail types which they can sell for more, but I really want to breed good VTs someday. It wouldn't matter to me if I can't make a profit (does breeding any tail type really bring back a huge profit anyway?). I understand that more likely than not, I'll be sinking money in and not getting any out, but I don't care about money. I would just be doing something I enjoy. I kept fish since I was a little kid. I have depression and anxiety and they're therapeutic to me.

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They are therapeutic :) and those are some pretty fish!

No, people who start breeding thinking they will be making a profit and lots of money will be sadly mistaken.. you are lucky to break even from the start up costs after a year or two.. it's a big money sink at the beginning.. after that there is maintenance fees.

So if you're going to be spending all those hours and all that cash.. why not do what you love with it?
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I know the consequences breeding these fish. But don't they deserve the chance? They're the ones that started it all, they made the other tail types happen. I know all the needed supplies; fry foods, grow outs, extra tanks/heaters, shipping supplies, jars, etc.

It's true that VTs aren't my favorite tail type, but they're the ones that need the help. But I do love the dragon VTs. The other types are showing up in stores too much as well, I also said I was just considering it even though it's a huge responsibility. I'm not looking for a profit, I do it for the hobby and joy of raising beautiful fish.
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