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Until you see the size of these newborn bettas it's hard to grasp..

From the fry I've observed, MOST will NOT eat powdered foods UNLESS they see another fish fry of similar size eating.

I use various magnifying glasses to watch their little beady newborn eyes as they analyze the microbes around them and decide what to taste & reject. It's absolutely entertaining. Poppy seed sized gourmet taste buds.

I tried dozens of various dried foods for over a MONTH & gave up. As most who've tried already know, if you add food & they refuse, depending on the amount you drop in.... the water will get ruined & once ammonia starts to show up, it's almost instant death if your filter isn't established.

You may attempt feeding crushed prepared foods into powder @ your own risk.

I have 3 different types of auto feeding gadgets I tested out. I'm so glad I didn't pay anything for any of them, but they all NEED tweeking/adjustments before you can trust them to function like they claim.

I've tried to even create a funnel out of different waterproof materials to redirect the dropped food into the tank, but that didn't work due to condensation build up.

After I had time I look at the mess those things created @ the back of the tank, I rinsed the auto feed gadgets out of clumped up ruined fish food & put them in storage.

I'm pretty sure there's 50 different types of automated feeders out on the market now.

I find them more collectible then functional.

I have the 2 on the right. I forget the other brand I have.

Note: these are Canadian prices
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Auto feeder definitely out of the question now. My 4ft tank at them moment contains gold fish and a few danios and is a great tank with a bio canister filter and the setup runs like a charm. This is the same type of setup which I'm going to duplicate with the tropical setup for my live bearers and the same tank but different filter for the spawning tank. Bettas I know need a bit different filtration system so still reading up on them due to not jumping into the deep end. Got a few ideas but need ironing out so thanks everyone for your input.
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My betta fry have been living with guppies since 6 weeks old. The guppies range from newborns to adults. The guppies did actually teach the betta babies that the non-wiggly flakes were food. They all get along great, and the bettas' mother is living in the same tub as well. Plus, the guppies get the same good foods my betta fry get! I continue to feed walter worms for the guppies, even though the bettas are too big for them now.
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