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Originally Posted by carbonxxkidd View Post
Thanks for all your help!!! I will try playing around with my photoperiod. I just like the lights on when I'm home so I will have to find a time period that works best. Will it affect the plants by turning it down or not really?

I do have ramshorns and MTS in the tank, and I did notice the ramshorns hanging out on the leaves of my java fern last night but didn't notice much of a difference in the algae. I haven't been able to find any nerites in the area but I will keep looking!

I put a bubble wall in my tank yesterday too, and was pleased to see my shrimp were not hanging out at the top of the tank this morning. I've read that oxygen levels can drop at night anyway, so I'm glad I put in the wall - plus my corys and otos seem to really love playing in the bubbles. I also just bought 5 amano shrimp online, they will be coming sometime this week. I tried ghost shrimp when I first started up the tank and they all died within about 10 minutes and I'm 100% sure it was oxygen levels in the water because the 6 I bought the other day are doing great (especially now with the bubble wall) and my fish totally ignore them.

Three of my tanks have lights on about 11AM, off around 8PM, the other two come on at 1PM off at 8PM, green algae in these two for some reason. All of my plants, fish & snails are doing great, each tank gets naturaly light to some degree. I like my tank lights on in the evening when I'm home & I like them to be off before I go to bed.

Nerites for freshwater are VERY hard to find, I actually found a tropical plant website & in looking at the site found they had nerite snails AND they were close to me where I could pick them up! SCORE!!
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