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Unhappy Emergency with Betta!

I screwed up big time when changing my bettas water. I cleaned out his bowl (2.5g), left the water 24 hrs and added easybalance and aquasafe. I decided to try bettafix, but instead of adding 2 teaspoons, I added 2 tablespoons! He won't leave the top of the bowl and I'm worried that he's suffocating, especially after reading the horror stories online about bettafix. I've grabbed his back up bowl and added lukewarm water, aquasafe and easybalance, but I'm wondering how long I should wait to add him. I don't want him to suffocate, but I don't want him to die from a shock of water temp change. Help!!!
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Do you have a thermometer? Take the temp of his current water. Then scoop him into a plastic cup with this same water in it.

Run your tap water until it's the SAME temp as what's he is currently swimming in. Fill up his backup bowl with it, and check *again* to make sure the temp is OK. Add the water conditioner. Float his cup in the new water for about 15 minutes, so that you know the temp inside matches the temp in the bowl.

Add a SMALL amount of water from bowl into his cup. Let him sit for 15 min.

Remove a small amount of water from his cup and discard it. Add another SMALL amount of water from the bowl. Let him sit for 15 min.... Repeat these steps for an hour or so.

Then gently release him into the new tank.

Also, why did you use Bettafix? Are you trying to treat a condition?

And why are you using Easybalance? Is there a reason that you add it?
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Thanks for your help, I will do that!

I got him from a lady in May who had 'no time' for him. His fins were very ratty and he didn't move much... He is totally healthy now in all other regards (swims around, doesn't clamp fins, etc.), but his fins have never seemed to get any better, so I thought I would try bettafix.

He has fresh water in his bowl and I read that you need to use easybalance to remove nitrites. Is that a no-no? I also have live plants.

He is my first betta, so I am still learning :)
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Easy balance messes with ph so I would not use it.

Nitrites will not be a problem if you keep up with water change. No chemical will replace water change.. in this size you need twice weekly 50% and 100%.

Stress coat at 1 ml per 1 gallon and vitachem at 2 drops per gallon will also help with regrowth but nothing replaces clean water.
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I guess we are talking about tetra easy balance here... I know that usually employees from the pet stores want to sell us as much products as possible, but this one is totally useless. Why to add so much chemicals instead of keeping the water clean and warm?

Please provide more info:
For the moment, you should do a 100% water change and add some stress coat as a conditioner. In the case you don't have stress coat and you don't have the possibility to get it, use the aqua safe. (I guess were talking about tetra aqua safe). In this new water add only one conditioner, Stress Coat (or Aquasafe). Stop using Easy Balance and Bettafix. The conditioner should be used according to the instructions listed on the bottle, not more, nor less. Please make sure you acclimatize your betta properly before you release him in the new water. This is extremely important. LittleBlueFishlets explained you how to do it.

Can you please add a photo of him to see the fins?
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