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I just skimmed through but it doesn't look like anyone really answered your question about compatible fish. I've been researching compatible fish for a sorority because I'll be starting up a 55 gallon sorority/community tank.
Small schools of tropical fish like neon tetras, cardinal tetras, glow light tetras, zebra danios, rasboras, or julii cories would go well with female bettas. I've heard that neons can be nippy, but it seems like just as many people say they're not.
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Lol, I think we just got super distracted by the prospect of panda cories (which are squee-dorable!). As for neons, my Nana wants me to get some but I'm kind of hedging on it because I've heard they carry a lot of diseases.....but also from what I've read I think the nipping happens when they don't have enough in their 'school'.

But over the next month definitely looking into my options and keeping in mind how much room I have or qt'ing new fish.

Thanks for the reply!
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